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Rise to Change; NM college Mumbai, Dec 18-24, 2013

Students and organisers of NM College Mumbai’s Drishti, the mangement festival, got together for a social service initiative in association with Shiksha Foundation and PETA India. From the 18th December to 24th December people donated stationery, books, uniforms and leather products.

Rise To Change was an all round campaign which not only targeted children but also looked out for animal welfare. Unlike many social campaigns which heavily focus on donations in order to make a change in people’s lives, the members of Drishti went to the grass root levels. A voluntary teaching drive was conducted to help underprivileged children and to make a small difference. After all, rain drops make an ocean.

Well known celebrities like Disha Vakani (Daya Ben from Tarrak Mehta..) and Anang Desai (Babuji from Khichdi) came to extend their support for this campaign.

Rise To Change

Rise To Change

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