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Reviews-Mixed Bag

And Thereby Hangs A Tale by Jeffrey Archer: Jeffrey Archer’s latest installment of short stories does not disappoint although a few tales are predictable and some do not match up the expectation you have from the author.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies by Seth Grahame-Smith : A spin off on one of the most loved classics, Pride and Prejudice, Smith’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies follows the original concept, except for the fact that England is infected by a plague that brings the dead alive with an appetite for human flesh. So the Bennet sisters are great zombie fighters and so is Mr. Darcy. Other than a few encounters with zombies, the story is pretty much the same. Seth has managed to mix the zombies well, but as a book and a Pride and Prejudice fan, I’d say it’s strictly okay.

Stumbleupon.com: This is one brilliant concept! Simply choose from the various topics they offer and click on their ‘stumble button’. According to your preferences they’ll keep stumbling through various sites which you can surf for as long as you want. Smart, eh?

Comics.com: This site offers a variety of comics like Dilbert, Pearls before Swine, B.C., Wizard of Id and many more. A great way to start a busy day!

Facebook Games

Texas Holdem Poker: A foriegn version of teen patti, each player gets two cards and there are five cards on the table. Go play!

Taxi Gone Crazy 2: This newer version of the popular Taxi Gone Crazy is a complete time pass. Drive your taxi and reach the check posts in the given time limit while jumping over obstacles.

Word Drop: Make words from a set of letters and win brownie points.


Castle: Detective Kate Beckett and novelist Rick Castle form an unusual team as they solve cases. While the ‘who-did-it’ part is quite predictable, the chemistry between the lead actors, the fast-paced flow and the humour make Castle a fun watch.

Glee: A musical sitcom with a dash of humour set in high school – the first episode seems promising enough for a few good laughs.

White Collar: FBI Agent Peter Burke has managed to catch the cunning con man Neal Caffrey twice. But Caffrey offers him a deal – he’ll provide Burke with evidence on a case and help him with other cases too if he is allowed to be a part of a work-release program. The pilot seems promising and hopefully the following episodes won’t disappoint.

– Prachi.P

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