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Review; War Chhod Na Yaar

Bollywood is going all experimental. I am having a gala time. I liked this year’s Zom-Com ‘Go Goa Gone’, it entertained. War Chodd Na Yaar is also a very new concept. It’s a satirical/spoof on the border situation between India and Pakistan which could have gone wrong on so many levels but didn’t.

As showcased it is India’s first War Comedy. Whenever we hear the word ‘war’ it creates a rather tense environment. But WCNY presents it in a very light and interesting way, that not only entertains the audience but leaves a beautiful message to take home. There have been war comedies and war spoofs in the past but to India this is a first.

Sharman Joshi and Javed Jaffrey both play Indian and Pakistani Army Captains. Even though they are separated by borders they are on the urge of becoming the greatest of friends. Keeping apart personal relations they are forced to fight against each other, just because their governments have sent them there to fight.

War Chhod Na Yaar is funnily charming, it will trap you treating such an issue with the lightest possible mood. It’s such a simple story that focuses solely on making you laugh and yet drive home thinking about watching a film that changes your perception if not much, a little ! It’s funny how soldiers from either side discuss about what they had for lunch. How they sit across the border playing cards discussing girls, alcohol and their asshole governments. It just makes us wish that the situation at LOC is as sweet and as beautiful as the film shows. The first half of the film is sheer laughs, be it the interactions between the two countries at the border playing antakshari, or relating the Afghan’s to be the most stupid people with the Bakra-Bakri scenario. The second half of the movie comes with its share of laughs making fun of the futile government, the stupid media and the Facebook youth. The second half is not just for laughs but it manages to leave an impact and the message lingers with you for a long time.

There is a scene where the reporter asks the Indian captain whether he wants war or not? His answers with a No and follows it up saying he would rather treat the enemy with a dinner of chicken!

I’m not saying the movie is perfect it has its flaws , for example the reason for war is not properly etched out, but the refreshing take makes it all worthwhile. The movie tried being more than what it should have towards the end but then the final scene makes up for everything wrong – indicating that armies are sole victims of the government policies and nothing else.

Though Sharman Joshi is not a laugh-riot here, he does his job effortlessly. Javed Jafferi is stellar as Captain Qureshi. You’ll sympathize with his feeble issues of eating bad lunch, he is lovable and funny. Joshi and Jafferi are actors who are highly under-rated. Soha Ali Khan’s role could have been done by anyone. But yes she does a good job. Sanjay Mishra was awesome, his jokes will crack you up every single time.

Even though Faraz Haider has written a brilliant film his direction could have been more edgy, but take my words the laughing applause at the end of the film was all for him.

Final Verdict : I laughed like hell watching WCNY. Movies like these connect with me instantly. A must go with family.
Rating : 3.0/5

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