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Review: The interview

After so much speculation behind the release of a film based on the assassination of the president of North Korea, we get to see the James Franco & Seth Rogen starer ‘The Interview’ Is it worth all the drama? Not really. Reason you ask? It’s not funny.
When a film that has Seth Rogen manages to make you laugh merely 2-3 times, it means there’s something a-miss. The Interview does not have a well-written screenplay. The only take-away you get from the film are the phrases ‘honey-dickin’ and ‘honey-potting’. Coming from the guys who can make crass and rude dick and fart jokes funny, this is just something that doesn’t strike the right chords.
Sure movies spark controversies for its content but I can ensure there is no way North-Korea hacks Sony over this film. If the film had released in a theater near me am quite sure I wouldn’t have walked out of it but am sure I would have been checking my watch every now and then.
I don’t have problems with stupid films with weird and sloppy story-line. Its coming from someone who enjoyed Evan Goldberg & Seth Rogen’s previous venture ‘This Is The End’, A bunch of celebrities trapped inside a house with a stash of weed in a post apocalyptic era, what can be more stupid than that? But, wait no, The Interview transcends that line and becomes just plane boring. I just remember one specific scene involving the tiger where I laughed a lot, other than that it’s just boring writing.
Final Verdict: If you are planning to save your secret stash to watch this one after smoking up, I’d suggest to keep ┬áF. Gary Gray’s Friday downloaded, because this ain’t worth it.
Rating: 2/5


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