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Review : Queen

It’s seldom in Bollywood that a film starts off being all sad and depressing from the word go and slowly and beautifully brings a smile on your face that doesn’t stay the same but grows bigger and bigger by the time it ends.

Queen is a gem of a movie. Maybe, one of the best female centered films ever made in Bollywood. I know it won’t get labelled as one, but to me this was absolutely stunning stuff.

Queen is about self discovery, it’s about throwing off the sadness that has surrounded you and brought you down a number of times. It strips down the typical marriage-mentality in India and makes you believe that being alone is not that bad after all. It’s a triumph not only for women but also for anyone who have felt alone at some point in their life. It teaches you that life is somehow terrific, you just need the right people to enjoy it with.

Queen is the story of Rani who refers herself as the prior when asked by people who don’t understand Hindi, she is this chaashni main doobi hui desi ladki who is on the verge of getting married when her fiance Vijay (Rajkumar Rao) calls off the wedding because she is not ‘cool’ enough for him. Heartbroken, she literally begs him to marry her just because she is concerned about her ‘Mummy-Papa’ and their name in the society. Dumbfounded about how and what to do, she decides to leave for Paris-Amsterdam on her pre-booked honeymoon all by herself. Vikas Bahl then takes us to a journey of total, complete and pure happiness without getting into the cliched Bollywood stereotypical approach.

What works for Queen is it’s ability to be what it is without sounding heavy and over the top. Vikas Bahl’s approach is so fresh that you wonder if it’s his first time being a director. He cleverly wraps up smalls things into the film which somehow reveal more about his characters than actual words do. For example he shows off the arrogant fiance’s nature within 10 second of his first encounter with Rani where he dusts-off the newly-done mehndi that had scattered on the table of the restaurant, he then puts on his shades to shut-out the girl of any future argument. He shows the carefree Vijailaxmi (Lisa Hydon) having a sexual encounter at her workplace, but he also shows her caring nature towards this lost girl who needs a shoulder to rely on. The beauty of Queen is in it’s character development, even the smallest of characters are totally relateable. Be it Rani’s little brother, or the roomates she encounters in the later part of the movie. Bahl’s triumph is in not wasting time in those character developments and bringing the emotions out with expressions and surprisingly fresh feel.

Bahl has made a film that is constantly funny and amusing yet doesn’t miss out on it’s main theme, it is not a sad story. He focuses on his main character Rani and makes us believe in her self evolution. There is not one scene in the movie that feels out of place and overly melodramatic.

Kangna Ranuat’s brisk nature works for this film. She had to portray a character who is initially lost but slowly gets the pace in her life, meanwhile being her own self. She manages to shine here with her absolutely terrific performance. Her constantly changing expression from being nervous, to sad, to happy, to joyous, work for the movie so well that it uplifts the aura of the film to a totally different level.

Mr. Bahl confuses you for a moment towards the end when Rani has to decide about a very essential matter and he manages to give a riveting and completely satisfying climax. Queen is a certain win win for everyone but a definite win for 3 people that I can count. One being the usually obnoxious Kangna Ranaut with her career best performance. Second is the direction of Vikas Bahl who has made a film that has zero screenplay but is perfect the way it is. He has paid a lot of attention to detailing and the product that had come out is immensely satisfying. Third is the unmatchable music of Amit Trivedi that fills up the film with life. Each and every song fits right into the film.

Final Verdict: This is one film that shouldn’t be missed at any cost. Watch it, you’ll love it.

Rating: 4/5

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