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Review; Nasha – sehat ke liye hanikarak

All those who were awaiting Poonam Pandey’s launch movie as an actress will be disappointed by this one for sure.

The movie deals with young guy older woman romance and issue which is tried tested and repeated in bollywood movies since 70’s it starts of with Poonam Pandey playing as Anita a teacher who becomes an obsession and object of lust or love for Saahil an 18 year old played by Shivam. The first half of the movie personifies Anita as an object of lust in Sahil’s dreams and the second half deals with Saahils jealousy of Anita’s tumultuous relationship with her boyfriend.

The movie suffers from the lack of screenplay stale story and silly performances Poonam Pandey is no Sunny Leone but tries very hard to be so she has no grace absolutely no acting skills and no beauty either the people who even go in to watch the movie for the dare bare and lovemaking scenes will be thoroughly dissapointed even may start giggling at them as they are far from sensuous.

Shivam’s lust for Anita seems forced and he is totally uncomfortable in the sex scenes. The movie is a punishment

1 and quarter star rating from me

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