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Review; Mortdecai

The movie is a story of an art collect0r, dealer of smuggled and stolen artwork Charlie Mortdecai also known as Lord Mortdecai(Johnny Depp) who is based in London and is now bankrupt and his mansion his estate and most of his belongings and art are about to be auctioned soon. This Charlie Mortdecai character is a buffoon extremely foolish and behaves and dresses up exactly like a Lord.

Many people are after him for his debts are heavy. He also has a beautifully hot and charming wife (Gwyneth Paltrow) whom he is totally in love with and she absolutely rules over him in every way possible. A famous painting gets stolen and it has an important bank code behind it which if fallen in the wrong hands the huge amount of money can be used to do lot of fundamentalist and violent activities.

Tto stop that British Secret service hire  Mortdecai as he has lot of knowledge of Art to retrieve the painting. The whole movie then turns into foolish escapades of Mortdecai and his bodyguard Jock who always saves him from trouble. How he retrieves the painting and keeps it for himself and fools the Secret service to think that its been destroyed.

The movie has a lot of faults because its a story based in England you can understand why everyone speaks in an English accent but Johnny Depp’s character speaks in a very funny British accent which though meant to garner laughs in the beginning it kinda gets irritating to hear throughout the movie. The movie is very heavily inspired from a lot of old movies┬áe.g the┬áPink Panther.┬á Johnny Depp in the movie with his bungling and funny character tries to resemble inspector Clouseau from but fails miserably in the attempt as he is no Steve Martin.

Tthe actor as body guard Jock gives an earnest performance Evan Mcgregor as the Inspector of MI 5 secret service is cool and Gwyneth Paltrow as Mortdecai’s Wife has got nothing much to do but she is the glamour quotient and sex appeal of the movie and she does it perfectly as the only saving grace of the movie.

My rating 2/5

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