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Review; Lootera almost stole my heart

Lootera is Vikramaditya Motwane’s attempt to win hearts after Udaan. The movie has stolen hearts of the critics. He almost stole mine too.

The movie is set in the early 1950s. Pakhi (Sonakshi Sinha), is the only daughter to the Zamindar of Manikpur(Barun Chanda). Pakhi falls in love with Varun(Ranveer Singh), an experienced archaeologist who is interested in digging up the Zamindar’s property in search of treasure. The romance-deprived Pakhi admires Varun from a distance while ‘Tadbeer se bigadi hui taqdeer bana le’ is played in the background. Both of them finally fall in love during the painting classes, outings and ‘Sawaar Loon’.

Meanwhile, the law against Zamindars is passed by the government and Pakhi’s father loses all his wealth to the government officials, who are actually Varun’s accomplices. Barun Chanda accepts Varun’s marriage proposal for Pakhi. On the day of the engagement the Zamindar realizes that all his wealth has been stolen systematically. Ranveer Singh, the lootera, elopes with all the wealth. The first half of the movie is thus built up at the pace of the snail.

The second half  the action begins. The action sequences are good. Wounded and romantic, Ranveer takes shelter in Sonakshi’s house and the romance begins after the break. Ranveer nurses the ailing Sonakshi with all the love and care. He reads her diary, in which she says her life shall wither away with the last leaf of the tree in her backyard. The love scenes lack intensity. Their relationship could have been elaborate.

The music is superb. The lyrics is heart-touching. ‘Monta rey’ is a slow song that picks up pace later. Monali Thakur has done an excellent job with ‘Sawaar Loon’. ‘Manmarziyan’ is soulful. However, ‘Zinda’ is the best of the lot.

The direction is decent.  The cinematography by Mahendra Shetty is excellent. The lighting, locations and costumes are appropriate. The background score is beautiful. The story line could have been stronger.  Romantic scenes could have been more passionate. Sonakshi Sinha could have looked much more beautiful. Sonakshi is good but Ranveer has failed to impress the audience. Vikrant Massey has done an excellent job. Divya Dutta’s talent has not been utilized at all. A lot was expected out of Motwane after Udaan. However, this one is definitely not a masterpiece. Still go and watch Lootera it’s the best running

Rating 3.0/5

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