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Lakshmi, by Nagesh Kukunoor

Lakshmi is the story is of a 14 year old girl from Andhra Pradesh. This review comes to you from a person who was so moved, that he had to review this movie.

Actually I’ve been transformed. I happened to watch an uncensored version at a special screening, and it was brutally violent. This movie hurt me deeply, and the rest of my day was depressing and to compensate I had to visit a pub. I felt better! Initially I was critical of Kukunoor’s choice, I questioned his motives, but later I concluded this was among the best movies made by him.

The story is about a girl who is sold by her own father to a lady corporator who in turn sells this poor little girl( well played by Monali) to a pimp and the rest is much more gruesome than the second part of the movie 300. The first time, the leader of the pimps treats her really well but only for her to end up being a cure for both his desires and his deadly AIDS that he was infected with. The movie focuses on myths like these where in people are advised to have sex with a virgin as a medicine to AIDS.

This little girl goes through so much of physical pain that watching it, your tears start flowing involuntarily.

While others are making pictures focusing on Sunny Leone’s lingerie, being possessed by a Marathi homemaker’s ghost, Kukunoor’s scripts have always been bold, and he has always managed to get a point across. This is a bold story on the life of a woman stuck in the flesh trade, the wrath faced by her and the spirit that she shows to escape from the hell hole, and then speaking up against these monsters in the court to get them jailed.

Truth is always bitter, but these kind of stories need to be told well. From perfect cinematography to the best dialogues to a great screenplay, this movie has everything that should give it a 5 on 5 rating, but the viewers who would rather prefer watching a desi girl making French toast for a couple of imbeciles from another country.

lakshmi nagesh kukunoor_opt

Nagesh Kukunoor, Shefali Shah in Lakshmi

One would naturally hate Satish Kaushik and Nagesh Kukunoor for their roles which they played brilliantly. They were bad men, monsters, how could they do that to a girl ? This is what you will ask.

Ram Kapoor plays a cameo as a lawyer and the best lawyer one could get. With a perfect casting, the movie has been able to impact thousands. It is waiting to influence you if you would give it a go. Go watch, support the girl child!

Rating: 4.5 stars

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