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Review; Krrish 3

This is Bollywood throwback right there. A creaky family entertainer which in spite of its poor marketing actually turned out to be a pretty surprising affair for me.

For long we had nothing real to answer to Hollywood’s super heroes. Most super hero films remind you of b-grade actors and c-grade special effects. Rakesh Roshan at-least tries. The Koi Mil Gaya – Krrish franchise is not just an answer to Hollywood, it’s a fight between good and evil. A super hero with family values and special super powers. While to some this might be a cheesy fest to me this was an ample full of surprise. Not that I was amused by the creepy animal DNA products the mutants, with a desi name called maanvars – a horned Rhinoman, red-eyed Antman, a Frogman and a super-shapely chameleon Kaya (Kangna).

It was Hrithik Roshan in his role of the Superhero Krrish, with his muscular and Greek God looks. He can challenge any Hollywood counterpart, probably the only Indian actor who can ever play a superhero, he is amazing. Not just in the superhero part, he is equally good for the reason he is always trolled all over the internet , i.e playing Rohit (Koi Mil Gaya). How fluidly he can enact both the roles without any strain is outstanding. Vivek Oberoi is not a total badass as Kaal a physically disabled anti-hero, but the story intervened here makes the clash between him and Krrish appealing.

I am not saying the film is perfect. It heavily borrows from movies like Batman, Man of Steel, Spiderman, X-Men and a ton others. But everything fits right on with the cliched, predictable yet entertaining story. It’s 2 hour 30 minutes long, but except for the songs I never felt like leaving my seat. One should stop asking for even slimmest of logic in the film. As it stands heavy on just being entertaining. Full marks to the SFX team, the trailers made it look pathetic but they turned out to be good. Above all, it is done in India. Claps for that.

Final Verdict : Kids will love Krrish 3. Adults will be entertained if they don’t try to compare it with the Hollywood flicks. If you’re the one into serious cinema it may take you a lot of prodding before you go for this movie, but you won’t be disappointed There is a child in everyone. Isn’t there ?

Rating 3 stars

Hrithik in Krrish 3

Hrithik in Krrish 3

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