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Review; Dawat-e-Ishq

A pretty actress, a charming actor, a mediocre story and loads of mouth watering food- that’s daawat e ishq in a nutshell for you.

The story starts with Parineeti (Gullu) being the outspoken straight forward middle class girl who lives in Hyderabad with her widowed father. She is against the concept of dowry and is rejected by many guys because of not offering more dowry. Her father is tired of┬áthis and wishes she gets married and tries his best to get as much dowry as possible. He is an officer but he never accepts bribes. When the boy that she falls in love with asks for 80 lakh as dowry she is heart broken and doesn’t want to get married at all but wants to pursue her dream of studying fashion designing in America. And so starts the journey of her and her father, looking for a rich dowry-demanding boy to fraud and apply the dowry act on him.

The movie is nicely made and Parineeti has acted well, embracing the Hyderabadi accent and all the nakhra and nazakat. However, it seems that she does the same type of roles and it is getting a little monotonous. Anupam Kher has also supported the role well, but what took my heart was Aditya Roy Kapoor with his rougish yet so charming personality and hhe has acted his part really well, the snapping of the fingers and the shy down to earth smiles.

Let’s not forget all that gorgeous food, it is enticing and mouth watering. The food will make you hungry for something sumptous.

The story is very okay, nothing very new or great but nevertheless ends with a happy ending (no kiss) and is worth a one time watch.

My rating- 2.5/5

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