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Review; Commando

Do you want to see one man, dressed in vest and cargo, annihilate an entire legion of men– brutally and singlehandedly? Then watch Rambo series back to back! Now if you want to watch a mindless movie in which the hero skillfully
moves around killing anything that moves. A movie that has the storyline from 1960’s era and action that suits the Salman Khan’s era, you are welcome to watch the latest movie on the box, Commando- One
Man Army!

As the name suggests, Vidyut Jamwal is a one man army! In fact he is so good that I guess the director thought that the movie didn’t need to have a story, a flow, or even dialogs.
The plot is very basic, and the only reason the movie even has a plot is because they couldn’t just have Vidyut drop down acrobatically and kill random people—we already have Dabanng 2 in that genre.

The story begins with Karanvir, who is on the run from evil Chinamen. Needless to say that he gets himself in heaps of trouble and then solves it by killing people by doing amazing stunts. Karanvir has a very one track mind, “I’m being chased?” Kill people! “We are surrounded and outnumbered?” Kill people! “The tap isn’t working?” Kill people! But thankfully all this incessant killing is captured beautifully by the camera making it feel like a Jackie Chan, or Tony Jaa kind of movie rather than a Singham remake.

Later on he ends up on this really odd girl who can’t decide if she’s Kareena from Jab We Met, or Kangana Ranaut minus the drinking problems. Now it’s Karanvir’s job to save her from the Oh-So-Evil villain who wants the girl too—and let me assure youthat the Villain doesn’t want her to play a game of Scrabble I have to say here that this movie has by far ‘THE MOST UNIQUE VILLIAN’ ever! This guy is amazing! Too good! Not only does he play Angry Birds on his mobile, but also reads forwarded msgs to his victims before hitting them with the “Black Bird”.

The storyline basically delves on an extremely clichéd good vs. evil plot. But if you ignore that parts where the love scenes have no chemistry, biology and physics, and also other smaller facts like the dialog writer was probably high and watching ‘Pratishodh-Ek Jwala’ while writing the dialogs. This is an excellent movie for action flick fans. Sure Vidyut is no Jackie Chan! But then again he’s pretty dexterous and agile and much more believable compared to Sanjay Dutt doing a wall run in Zilla Ghaziabad!

BottomLine: Watch this only if you are an adrenalin pumping jockey who doesn’t need sugar of romance mixed in your milk of steroids. 2 stars for the outrageous action sequences and 1 star for the awesome

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