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Review; American Hustle

I wanted to love it , I wanted to love it real bad. But I simply didn’t. I loved The Fighter and I loved Silver Linings Playbook. David O. Russel’s American Hustle isn’t a bad film. In fact it’s pretty good but, it simply didn’t stand up to my expectations. That being said, I had sky high expectations. With a cast like that you can’t but have one.
The first half or lets say the first 1 hour of the movies felt like David O. Russel was trying real hard to get out of the typical him and felt like he wanted to get into the Martin Scorsese mascot of setting up characters which quite frankly put me off.
American Hustle is based on the true story of a small con-team who get involved with the FBI and then things start getting bigger and bigger as politicians and mob-members get involved and then it feels like just another Scorsese movie where everything and everyone starts getting tensed about who is true , who is not. Who will cross-over who and so on and so forth.
The second half has a bit of the typical O. Russel humor which is subtle but coated with darkness all over it. There are a few scene in the movie that makes you go wooo. But they are pretty seldom in nature.
What really works for the movie is the brilliant 70’s rock music that jells in so well with the movie that you sometimes skip the little details of scenes being just plane simple. Also the performances are amazing. Christian Bale for one was a bomb, he just nailed the character so well. I wonder if anyone would have been able to pull it off like he did. I respect him for trying so hard for every single film of his. He transforms into a totally different person for this. 1 point for Bale right there. Bradley Cooper and Amy Adams were great too. I like Renner a bit more , maybe because he was the only positive character in this grey tale. Jennifer Lawrence is such a versatile and talented actress. I can’t adore her any more. She is fabulous here as well.
Final Verdict : It no doubt a good movie but I expected it to be much more than what it was. Lower your expectations and watch it.

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