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Review: “ABCD – Any Body Can Dance!”

Anybody can dance…

It’s the motto and the full-form of the new movie on the box, ABCD.

At first all the promos of ABCD made it look just another step-up clone. Since nowadays all the creative minds of Bollywood are busy watching Gossip Girl re-runs, there are no new storylines coming up. The stale hit formula of taking from Hollywood, watering it down to Indian mindset, spending more money on advertising than the plot itself, has become quite the norm.

Thankfully such is not the case with this movie.

Prabhu Deva is like a male Katrina Kaif, he’s good to look at but speaks extremely (southern) accented hindi. It gets irritating at some point since the dialogs sound really fake, but this movie isn’t about dialogs, it’s all about dance. And in dance, Prabhu is a god! There are certain steps he does that makes the youngsters look like oldies trying to run a one-legged marathon.

KK is excellent. This guy makes himself look so bad, that he had people in the theatre yelling obscenities that I can’t even write down here. He is the ever-scheming, manipulative, power-hungry, goatee wielding megalomaniac owner of the dance group JDC.

Salman and Dharmesh are rivals who are at each other’s necks. So when they aren’t busy dancing or free-running away from the khaki cops, they are busting each other’s faces. Salman as an actor isn’t very convincing but his dancing skills are like the big line drawn next to the small line. Dharmesh is outstanding, he handles all his scenes with ease, dancing and acting.

The story revolves around a dance show called DANCE DIL SE, which supposedly puts India in a curfew like state when it’s on-air; sadly, we all know that this is never going to be true. The only things promoted in India are studying, cricket and giving opinion on stuff you know nothing about, which is incidentally how I get to review movies (*wink).

Vishnu (prabhu deva) is the Head Choreographer of the winning team of Dance Dil Se, called JDC.  Jehangir (KK) the head of JDC has Vishnu removed from his post due to some “creative differences”. He gladly offers him another post as an admin, but Vishnu refuses and leaves JDC forever.

Fate however brings Vishnu back to dance; he meets exceptionally talented kids in the ‘basti’. After a serious of tough encounters he manages to discipline these kids, and in the end manages to achieve the coveted top spot of Dance Dil Se!

ABCD manages to bring to light all the problems that budding dancers face, politicians, cops, and the most important obstacle, parents! This movie has also broken free from many stereotypes and the dance group includes some elements that others would term anti-social. Like a bar-dancer, a drug-addict, and some small time crooks.

The group christened ‘DDR’ manages to go through failure, mockery, the death of a beloved fellow, and betrayal by one of their own, to finally win the Trophy they always desired.

There are some very magnificent dances, the Bezubaan song will probably become a hit, the Joker sequence is hilarious, the duhaiyaan song was very graceful. Remo has done some outstanding choreography,  as GrandMaster Mithun would have put it, ‘KYA BAAT, KYA BAAT (giant pause)…….. KYA BAAT’.

The part where the movie fails are some crappy dialogs, some pointlessly intense stage lighting that might induce seizure, the 3d parts that are far and few, some dance sequences are straight out of STEP-UP series, and it has somewhat predictable storyline.

Bottom-line: This is a movie about dance, don’t go in expecting a love story, or anything as such. Or else you will be disappointed. But otherwise this movie is thoroughly enjoyable; you will not regret watching this movie. Now let’s wait and watch if India gets its very own dance movie series.

ABCD 2 anyone???

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