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Review; 300: Rise Of An Empire

Heaving seas and roiling ships, 300: Rise Of An Empire takes the sea exit to rise the male testosterone level instead of the foot fighting much like Leonidas and the brave 300 who in spite of knowing that they are going to face a certain death fought like brave men and fell for their glory and Sparta. They did dine in hell.

300 Rise Of An Empire is not a sequel to the first film but then it’s not exactly a prequel too; it’s a tandem with the great Spartan army on a killing spree. Quite like the first film, this one is drenched in landscapes of carnage and mayhem. Blood splattering out like dark wind!

The film takes us to a different front of the great Greco-Persian Wars while Leonidas and his army are tied off somewhere else. The protagonist here is Themistocles. He leads his army of well waxed and well oiled farmers and cultivators who are somehow well trained at war to drive away the Persian fleet and win their freedom.

Adapted from the graphic novel by Frank Miller, Zack Snyder’s 300 was a sensational hit back in 2006. The reasons being a roaring Gerard Butler who has had an epitome of flops and bad movies before this but he somehow managed to win everyone’s heart with his loud speeches and heavier command. The second reason obviously was the cartoonist action which was taken off right from the graphic novel and presented on screen with more blood and more swords. The signature visionary which had a sudden drop into slow-mo at points of extreme violence (For instance: slicing off heads like peeling/slicing off a coconut) made even the slightest of scene look orgasmic.

300: Rise of The Empire does full justice to its action sequences and they are kickass! It kicks off the wannabe Pg-13 film right in the nut-sack,

“Today we will dance across the backs of dead Greeks. Today we deliver submission!”

Lines are delivered and it does seem menacing on paper but it all comes down to this one point. Is it better than the first film? ABSOLUTELY NOT! This one does have a grander scale and great written dialogues but it still does not click for some reason and you are bound to miss the Spartan army. Zack’s screenplay is okay but Noam Murro’s direction is not exactly praise-worthy. Sullivan Stapleton playing Themistocles is less menacing than the two female characters in the film. Lena Headey playing Gorgo (Leonidas’ wife) takes on the narration and does it with great zeal. The only reason I would suggest anyone to watch this is because of Eva Green who plays a far more powerful Persian fleet commander named Artemisia, and plays it with incredible ferocity. She is menacing, cunning, seductive and incredibly sexy even with her clothes on. The soundtrack by Tom Holkenborg is good but not mind boggling. The CGI felt a little off places towards the end. The 3D is worthless.

Final Verdict: If you plan to watch this, watch it on the big screen. It’s not great by any stretch of the imagination but can still be watched for the action and of course Eva Green!


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