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Rendezvous with Santa

Kushan ‘The Sinic’ Patel shares a ho ho ho with the man in the red suit we all love

The coolest thing about being an insomniac is, you get to meet a lot of interesting people Namely Lonely-unloved-Vampires, Tooth Fairies asking for dentists’ addresses and but of course SANTA.

And so it was, that one silent night not long ago, I heard a thud on my door…

Coz I don’t have a chimney and Santa-the-Proud-LINUX-owner won’t take WINDOWS!

Sinic: So Santa, what brings you here?
Santa: Firstly, ARE YOU taping this??!? I don’t want to get into a Radia-like mess…
Sinic:(God! Why didn’t I think of it before?! This totally could’ve been my INDIA-TV Moment … and he secretly turns on his cam-corder) No, absolutely not!!
Santa: Thanks, since you’re NOT taping… I’m starving – I need food!
Sinic: Give me a minute Oh! You’re driving a TATA NANO!! Where are the Reindeers?!?
Santa: Umm… Had to give ’em up. Menaka Gandhi went on a hunger strike and I so hate size zero women.
Sinic: So are lots of folks asking for Nanos this Christmas?
Santa: Well, yes but I ask people, why do you need an oven with wheels – ho ho ho!
Sinic: I see, your bag… it’s much smaller this year?
Santa:Sinic: Tell me more about your job… it must be exciting.
Santa: You bet! I travel a Lot .. No visa required. No GRE, TOEFL or IELTS.
Sinic: I bet a lot of Indians would die to be in your place.
Santa: Well I’m close to retirement age… All I can say is dearies, eat all you can so you can fill up my suit ho ho ho!
Sinic: One last Question .. You keep a watch on people, if they’ve been naughty or been good WHO keeps a watch on you ??
Santa: Ah but that is ze million dollar question, and I have no time to answer it. I’ve got to go give the BIGGEST gift of the year to somebody called “J. Assange”. The guy must have done something REALLY GOOOOOOODDDD !

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