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Rejoicing Misfits: Guardians Of The Galaxy Review

The amazing people at Marvel Studios know one thing which makes them class apart and that’s casting the perfect people for their comic book characters. Directed by James Gunn, Guardians Of The Glaxay stars A thief (Chris Pratt as Star-Lord), two thugs (Bradley Cooper as Rocket Raccoon & Vin Diesel as Groot), an assassin (Zoe Saldana as Gamora), and a maniac (Dave Butista as Drax), a totally dysfunctional band of misfits who are on a space adventure to save the Universe, I mean, the Galaxy!

The good thing about the movie is it has 5 characters who have an emotionally moving back story that makes you give a shit about them. When a talking tree can make you vouch for him, that’s insane right? ┬áSo basically these misfits somehow end up teaming up against Ronan (Lee Pace) who is after an Orb that Star-Lord finds on one of his space-adventures.

While the script is not extraordinary, i.e it does not have any interesting plot points or big twist and turns, what works for the film is the screenplay. Go back to the Marvel movies which started off with Iron Man, and built up some other superheros to get them together in The Avengers. Guardians Of The Galaxy takes just 40 odd minutes to set up these characters and actually make you care about them. To top it off the movie is incredibly quirky and funny. Also, the use of the 80’s music, sometimes to set scenes up and sometimes to just boost it, is amazing. If you have no idea what am talking about look out for the soundtrack of the movie.┬á


The movie make a lot of references to Star-Wars and Indiana Jones and it does it with style. James Gunn has done a great job handing it out to us 90’s kids who get nostalgic about the great 80’s movie and tthe perfect rock soundtrack. Of all the characters that filled up this big space spectacle I simply loved Rocket Raccoon. The way he delivered his one-liners, he basically had me laughing out loud. I wasn’t quite sure about casting Dave Butista but the way his character takes everything literally, I don’t think anyone else who have fitted his shoes more appropriately. Chris Pratt is a star, I am sure he will be getting a lot of offers after this one. Coming to Groot, his characters says just three words, in the exact same order ‘I Am Groot’ and it’s so funny and lovable. I wasn’t really interested in Zoe’s character, even though it was good, it was the least interesting for me.┬á

Now talking about the negatives, the film felt like a filler to me when we talk about the villain. It felt like the director wanted this movie to be a kind off setup for Thanos (Josh Brolin) to come up in the next Guardians Of Galaxy movie. The villain here was a complete let-down. Ronan, who  was supposed to be completely menacing, never felt like one. Infact, his side-kick Nebula was more menacing than him. Also there are a few things in the film that come into play when we have scenes related to The Collector (Benicio Del Toro) which did not make sense. Was it a flaw, or was I stupid enough, not to comprehend it?

┬áFinal Verdict: Guardians Of The Galaxy is a fun film. It will satisfy the Marvel fans who don’t expect anything groundbreaking from it.

P.S: There is a post-credit scene in the movie but it’s not worth holding your pee. Also, watch it in 2D.

Rating: 3/5

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