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Really, is that normal?

Our college was divided into two groups: One that studied and my group. Each called the other one weird. I doubt if anyone really knew what qualities make a person ‘normal’. To begin with, absurd things are considered normal simply because a lot of people behave absurdly.

So in the interest of nobody, here’s a list of some absurdities, normally observed in our normal college environment.

1. A Normal Professor: The one that keeps recycling his/her jokes, assumes everything you say is a lie and threatens to call your parents every time you show your face. Boasts years of experience in the fine art of making criticisms sound like compliments. And does little to harm the reputation of eating innocent babies for breakfast.

2. A Normal Librarian: You know the one that shushs you even when you are simply breathing. Confiscates your headphones, mobile phone and good spirits for fun. And blames you for everything, from the dysfunctional education system to Bhopal Gas Tragedy, when you are 2 seconds late in returning your library book.

3. A Normal College Babe: Friendly, fun, popular. Receives an average 50 friend requests per hour. Spends half of her time in clicking ‘cool’ pictures, the other half in uploading them. And flaunts a questionable ability to form opinions and complete sentences.

4. A Normal College Hunk: He is what I like to call “Garibon Ka John Abraham”. He teams up all his shirts with a confused expression, like someone asked him to spell his name. In some colleges, he is also seen with an acoustic guitar which he doesn’t quite know how to play.

5. A Normal College Geek: You know the types that reserve the best seats in library. Make friends only to issue more books on their accounts. Also, takes pride in liking anything science on facebook and end every fight with a quote by Bill Gates.

6. A Normal College Nobody: Avoids the college professor like Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag. Likes everything uploaded by the College Babe, keeps the College Hunk confused by showing him the wonders of smartphones and takes sincere efforts in befriending the College Geek.

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