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Real world vs the world of Facebook

Is life all about Facebook posts, likes and comments ?

By (co)founding the Social Networking giant ‘Facebook’ Mark Zuckerberg has changed the life of teens all over the world. In the past 4 years seeing the ‘‘blue f letter” has become one of the daily routines of every teen. It became a fuel for everyone’s desire to get more likes and comments as well as the race of number of friends. In simple words “to get undue attention online”

Yeah. I do various things just to maintain my social identity. I had never heard of Beatles or Paul McCartney But i love to Comment on Justin Bieber’s gender. Because the internet says so. I know nothing about either Modi or Rahul. I never did watch Rahul’s Interview. But I Criticize Arnab Goswami. Because it would create an impression among my friends that i know politics.

I don’t care who is Arsene Wenger. But happiness is updating my status “watching Arsenal FC” . I never read twilight. Never used Internet explorer. But trolling them like a boss. Okay I never heard of article 377. I enjoy calling people online fa**ot. Because no one can censor my comments!

I add f*** and b**** words to my vocabulary. Because it is mainstream. I am the godfather of Shakespeare and so i cant bear a typo. RIP English. I don’t heed to anyone’s word because its my freaking social identity and i don’t give a damn about my digital footprints. By the way thank you so much Zuckerberg. Thanks a lot for bringing out the perverted animal inside me. And for creating a platform to advertise my personal problems and feelings.

But after few years when i grow up i can’t tolerate people doing the same things i did. They sound stupid to me. Hell no I can’t tolerate fellow human stupidity. But i am unaware that people are laughing at MY stupidity.

A day should come where people should realize that social networking is not the real socializing.

Technology is always a curse when used by wrong minds in a very wrong way. Okay its already late. i have to update my fb status.

Post in your views and discuss whether or not you agree with this thought.

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