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Reader’s view; Why Satyagrah didn’t live up to my expectations

The day when Prakash Jha announced that he is going to make a movie ‘Satyagraha’ on rising corruption in India, I was excited. This is a director who knows how to represent political India and its dark sides. But, all hopes got drowned. Though Satyagraha is a honest and a clear positively motivated movie, was it doesn’t grip you, something which you’ve come to expect from Prakash Jha’s movies like Rajneeti.

Satyagraha didn’t live up to my expectations. Let me clear one thing that people are thinking that it’s about Anna’s recent andolan for lokpal bill, then they say no, it’s not totally about that. Well, what I can say is it’s just a hybrid of Anna’s and Mahatma Gandhi’s andolan where Dadu is ‘Anna + Bapu’ and Ajay Devgan as Nehru ji. The Jan Lokpal story is is not that strong any more, that it will fire up the patriotism and responsibility for your country. It lacks the fire power which you felt in a movie like Yuva. The movie depends too much on the assumption that people will still get charged up by visuyals that remind you of Anna’s andolan. Yes, the first half is interesting. But in this, you’ve lost all interest before the interval. Prakash Jha tried to make the movie politically biased which unfortunately killed the interest. It should have had it’s own strong message. It turned out to be a narration of what happened.

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