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Ramu’s Apology

Ram Bhopal Burma is sorry. For a lot of things. In this open letter to you dear JAM reader, he apologises.

My Dear Fellow Citizens,
I know that an apology has been due from my side ever since Ram Bhopal Burma Ki Aag. Mummy-promise, I had all intentions to write an apology letter but khallas… I mean alas, I never got the time to do so because of the busy shooting schedule of RBB Ki Aag – The Sequel (Coming to a theater near you in Dec ‘09). Before you get me wrong again, I am not here to promote my movie, I am here for something almost as important. I’m here to apologize for tagging along with our CM Alasrao Deshmukh to the Taj and the Oberoi.

Now doubt me if you may, but I am not writing this under pressure from anybody. It’s something I felt I needed to do as a responsible human being who is answerable to his own conscience. That, as far as I’m concerned is the Satya! None the less, I still need to answer all of you as well. I’m sure all of you must be wondering why the hell was I there at Terror Tour of the Taj and the Oberoi, which, quite frankly, was none of my business.

Well, let me tell you how it all began. A couple of days ago, I received a call on my cellphone. After quickly ensuring that it wasn’t a distributor calling to ask for his money or one of the usual wise-asses who keep hurling abuses at me ever since Aag came out (yes, I have list of your numbers you basteds!), I picked the call up. The nice, friendly, sweet talking girl on the other end asked me Sarkar ke ban ne mein aap involved the?. I immediately replied Of course of course, I was the mind behind Sarkar! Not once, but twice, and if I get support again, I’ll make it once more.The girl seemed to be pretty happy when she heard this and told me that she would like to meet at the Taj. Now usually, I don’t entertain requests like these, but these days I’m on a creative hiatus (read jobless), you can say it’s some well-earned time off for myself (read totally jobless), also I haven’t had the time to go to the Taj in a while you know (read broke). So I agreed to meet the girl.

Only when I reached there did I realize that she was not a female fan who had invited me for a date. She was the CM’s head PR person. Apparently, the CM told her,Jisne bhi Sarkar banane mein help kiya, usko Taj bulao!, and she thought he was referring to my movie, Sarkar. Poor girl, I won’t blame her. That was a hit movie after all!

So you see it was all just a delightful misunderstanding! Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why didn’t Ramuji know about the terror attacks in Mumbai?” Well, folks, do you really think I’ve read the papers, or watched TV or even made any contact with the outer world after my last two movies? I know, all of this could have been avoided with a bit of common sense on my part, but hey, I’m the guy who has made movies like Darna Mana Hai, Naach and Darling! I mean seriously, do you still think I have any sense left in my head?

I guess I have to just admit it now. There’s nowhere I can Rann! So here goes, *ahem* Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m sorry, I totally Phoonked up! I mean I don’t know what else to say here, I’m like totally Nishabd! Just yesterday, everything was Mast, but all thanks to one silly little mistake, the people are hunting me down as if it’s a Jungle out there. But as Kaun, I mean Akon sang, ‘You Can Put The Blame on Me’. Sorry once again folks, I’ll try and be more cautious about the Company I keep next time.

Yours Apologetically,
Ram Bhopal Burma.
P.S. Sorry for shamelessly inserting all my movie titles in this letter. It’s a part of my Contract! There, that’s all of them!

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