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Ramrao Adik Institute of Technology.

Previously was: Ramrao Adik College of Engineering.

Speciality: Toppers in Univ. at least in Electronic & Computer engineering (coz other branches don’t exist.) It’s known for Horizon – the inter-college fest (the top five in Mumbai)!

Crowd: A masala mix of scholars, cyberjunkies, die-hard headbangers, take-it-easy goers, flunkers, Martians, Gujjus etc. People here are into computers, rock music, rock music and computers. Half of RAIT comprises of cyber nuts, the other half sleep
on guitars.

Life in RAIT: It begins at 9:00 am and seems to end at 6:00 pm (People never leave, they seem to fade away. RAIT is never lifeless) It goes up and down as usual (except on Fridays). An added attraction not found in other colleges.

Hangouts: The basement is the site of all underground and nefarious activities. It houses the engg. canteen (EC) and the medical canteen (MC). Medical? Well the engg. & medical colleges are in the same building and the engineering studs share a special relationship with the MC.

Canteen: Strangely enough RAIT canteen (managed by Anna) serves good food at reasonable rates. Smoking is allowed in the EC at RAIT. The canteen speciality includes thali, vada pav (pleeese!), coffee, tea (of course!).

Official Rules: Meant only for the notice boards.

Notice Boards: They exist only to display the so-called outdated official notices and surprise holidays.

Unofficial Rule: Anything goes!

5 Things to do in RAIT:
1) Get ragged on the first day.
2) Learn Marathi (your office-cruising will be much faster.)
3) Sit for lectures for a change.
4) Compete in Horizon.
5) Witness a fight in one of the canteens in the college.

5 Things you don’t do in RAIT:
1) Leave your programs unsaved.
2) Try to butter up professors.
3) Try to sweet talk babes.
4) Use the lift on Fridays (invariably the electricity conks off).
5) Try to eat your Lunch alone. (Lukewarm friendships suddenly turn into lunch long ones during your meal time)

Why you should be at RAIT: Life is never monotonous, so you’ll never be bored. A healthy mix of both education and entertainment. So if you plan to be an engineer with a difference then RAIT is the place to be in.

– RAITian

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