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Rahul writes it right!

A singer-songwriter with a difference

21 year old Rahul Bhatt plays the guitar, writes, composes and performs his own songs. Phew! So what’s the big deal about that? He was one of the finalists at the ‘Unisong International Song Contest’, initiated by the top songwriters in the music industry. Out of the 5000 entries from over 50 countries, Rahul did India proud with his pop ballad Sailing Away.

Rahul also received a letter of appreciation from the Great American Song Contest, who rated him 8 and above, out of 10, for his song. So how did he hear about these contests? “I wanted to go to Berkley College of Music, Boston which is like the dream college of every musician. So I enquired what can I do to get a scholarship. They forwarded me this mail and after browsing through the various links I came across songlink.com.” And the rest as they say is history.

A student of the School of Audio Engineering, Mumbai he began formal training in Indian classical vocals but later his inclination started shifting to Western music. How so? “It was Bryan Adams. I listened to “Lets make a night to remember” and that just did it for me.”

Future plan includes a singing and songwriting course at the Musicians Institute, LA beginning in September. He owes it to his parental support. “They have more confidence in me than I have in myself.” So next time when you are playing around with your toy guitar in front of the mirror, take it seriously as Rahul did. Log on to www.sonicbids.com/rahul2 to listen to his compositions.

– Suhani Singh

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