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I came out of the film trying to forget whatever I had seen. Riding fast to get back home so that I could put on my headphone and listen to something soothing, I noticed a drunken man vomiting on the roadside, strangely so I was reminded of the atrocity I had just witnessed on the 70 MM screen.

My short and crisp two line incident is actually more interesting than the 2 hours of torturous mess that Ragini MMS 2 is. Even though I had no reason whatsoever to watch the film after the interval, I somehow stuck to my seat to notice what comments the ever horny youth and a few more horny uncles had for the half-dressed adult movie star who managed to look effin’ hot throughout the movie. Other then that there is no redeeming quality in the movie.

Filled with stupid characters who irritate you to a level where you want to choke yourself to death with a small boner emerging every now and then, Ragini MMS 2 gives you nothing at all. Even if this is your first horror film, or as the director in the film says ‘Horrex (Horror+Sex)’ you will be bored to death with nothing happening on the screen. There is no story, READ: None, Naada, zero. The plot doesn’t move in any direction. There is no screenplay, just random scenes which are placed in to make a film that comes out to be a not-so-interesting sex video and nothing else.

The makers have no idea of how a horror movie is made. Even the cliched jump scares are bland and empty and make you chuckle at it’s stupidity rather then making you jump off your seat or even lurk you with fear. When I was done with the film I realized one thing, I could very easily bet my money on the fact that the director of the film has seen just one horror movie before making this absolutely gibberish mess, and that is James Wan’s The Conjuring. The climax of Ragini MMS 2 heavily borrows from the basement scene in The Conjuring and makes it look like horseshit. If you think that Sunny Leone did a great job in that specific scene, try not going to the loo for two days and then go hard on it all at once, the outcome would be pretty much the same.

I wouldn’t go into the plot of the film because, well I don’t want to write about something which made me cry as I did not go to watch Rajat Kapoor’s ‘Ankhon Dekhi’. Let’s just say the film focuses more on bringing out the adult actress as a typical Bollywood queen spoofing and mimicking fun of her own past experiences in her well known industry.

If you are a fan of Sandhya Mridul, do yourself a favor and never watch this. She is at her lowest low in this film, I can’t erase the fact that she did such a lousy and shitty role. Similarly, I wonder what was Divya Dutta doing in the movie. Though her character resembled Vera Farmiga’s character in The Conjuring she had nothing good to do.

What made me laugh was like every other Bollywood Horror where it is mandatory that the ghost kills everyone in the film, there are two characters in the movie who just go missing after 3 fourth of the film is over. I wonder what happened to them? I guess the director realized that he is in for selling Leone’s cleavage show and nothing else.

Final Verdict: My dear horny people, if you are planing to watch this just for the sake of Miss. Sunny. Scanning your system and finding ‘New Folder (2)’ would be a more viable option. Do Not Watch This.

Rating: 0.5/5

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