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R…Rubbish Rajkumar- The worst film of the Year?

How bad can it be when you see not one but two people fighting to love someone who looks like Sonakshi Sinha! I don’t want to be a sexist here but I don’t see people falling down to love her latka jhatkas. Imagine her coming out of water and the hero making kissing noises whenever she merely moves in-front of them.

R… Rajkumar is Raunchy (in the bad sense), Ridiculous, Rubbish and any bad adjective that comes to your mind with the name R. The film is immensely loud, badly done and shitty to begin with. In one scene where Sonu Sood tries to learn English to woo over his lady love, he jovially sings, “I am your Bull. You are my shit. Together we are Bullshit.” Nothing, absolutely nothing describes the movie better.

The film is about Romeo Rajkumar (Shahid Kapoor), a mysterious fellow who shows up in a random village one day for no fucking reason whatsoever. He quickly lands a job in the gang of a local opium smuggler and a wannabe goonda Shivraj (Sonu Sood), a villain who is never good and delivers corny lines like: “Mere mooh mat lagna, main sehat ke liye bahut haanikarak hoon.” I was like – What? I was even more pissed when he repeated the same line quite a few times. Same goes for a lot of other dialogues which make you roll down a tear in agony. The story is about how Sonu Sood becomes determined to marry the girl our hero has given his heart to and thus battle lines are drawn.

Shahid Kapoor is a good dancer, I’ll give you that. Even though the tracks are energetic and the ‘Gandi Baat’ track is still stuck in my mind, the film will torture you to death. I can understand people living through the first half, because we have been so used to bullshit by now that we can intake nearly anything, but the second half will make Chennai Express look Oscar worthy. It will damage your brain cells and kill your subconscious mind and your sense to think straight.

I was immensely outraged numerous times while watching it. For example gravity is defied in every single fight scene. Fight scenes that exceed a time period of nearly 15 minutes sometimes can lead to brain hemorrhage and make you lose your ability to tolerate things. Calling R… Rajkumar merely a throwback to those cheerfully low-IQ 80s B-grade films would mean letting off the makers too easily, for this is cinema of the most exhausting kind. The climax carries on for over 15 minutes, in which Shahid is repeatedly stabbed and killed, born again and gets whacked around with everything from iron rods to wooden planks. He somehow survives everything but the audience won’t.

Final Verdict: Is this the worst film of the year? Maybe. If not it’s quite close to it. Burn it, dump it, kill the friend who recommends you to watch it! Gandi Film , Gandi gandi gandi film.

Rating : 1.5/5

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