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R D National College

Origin: The college, consisting of the top trio — Arts, Commerce and Science, was constructed on a barren patch of our desh ki dharti in 1949, when the yellow duck-shaped alarm clock was invented.

Location: It is situated in a dingy one-way lane, opposite Bank of India, but is obviously not as rich as the latter. Students suspect that BoI provides all the loans to this college for conducting Blowfest (the unheard of National College fest).

Campus: The 7000 sq. feet campus has a versatile personality. It doubles up as a shaadi ground, the ‘Carter Road’ for bunkers, a flea market, a qawwali stage, so on and so forth.

Centre of Attraction: Everything outside the college! But if we had to pick one thing inside, it would be (No, not the girls and guys) the recently renovated auditorium mostly for its cherished “free AC air”.
The lovers’ point (alias mosquito point) is a great spot to mingle with your imperishable enemies — the anopheles mosquito.

Events: A prom night where you’re in a cobweb surrounded by all your professors. You might end up dancing (classically) right under the principal’s nose. Who knows you might just get selected for the “Sati Savitri Dance competition 2010- Bihar”.

Jai Sandwichwala: This is the holy shrine of Nationalites with Mr Dagoo (the head of Jai Sandwichwala) being their guru. It’s what actually draws new students to this college.

Canteen Specialities: The franky priced at Rs 22.75, which is cooked on an antique tava.

The samosas offered while taking the ‘Sindhi Exam’ are actually the most eagerly awaited food item in this college.

The remaining not-so-important details of this college can be found on its website which incidentally has a grand total of two pictures in the photo gallery.

– Jasmine M Chabria

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