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Quota nation

Sometimes I think I should not just read the newspapers. Too many negative vibes early in the morning. I was amazed at the rate at which the 90:10 SSC reservation rule became an order. Wonder where this efficiency goes when handful of young men come from baju ka des and use the city as their shooting
range or when we have to use boats to save ourselves on certain days of July.

Let me just make it clear that I am an S.S.C chokra. SSC, the course which a lot of really cool people think is meant for lesser mortals and desis like me. You know the kind that cannot comprehend the ‘real’ English. And there was always a problem; whether you like it or not ICSE/CBSE/ISC students were definitely at an advantage until at least the year 2007. 2008 changed it all and brought the percentile system which I thought was a much better idea but the State departments were too lazy to implement it properly leaving ICSE students at a disadvantage for a change.

It went into litigation and the government had to do some answering. And the Congress, almost as if it had struck oil in the Middle East came out with this brilliant 90:10 proposal. Almost with a stroke of a paintbrush, the whole picture has become overwhelmingly unequal, unjust and unfair to students of other boards. It’s no surprise that with politicians like Mr.Patil , the standard of education run by Maharashtra Board and the Mumbai University is one of the worst in India.

Yes, there was need for some normalization. But if this is the solution I am afraid we are going no where. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why it’s happening, 3 months to go for state elections and now they want to have the young new voter – en masse on their side. I think animals and their principles of fairness and justice are probably better in place. The fastest will always win the prey; the most intelligent will always get what it deserves. With humans, it’s different. We involve in a sort of match-fixing. There are certain super humans who decide the script and everyone else has to follow it. So the fastest will be asked to slow down and the most intelligent will actually turn out to be not so intelligent because he/she is now defined by his category. So he/she is stupid not be in the right category.

I think psychologically this order will have a huge dent in the minds of the poor guys from other boards. They must have done something really wrong for their parents to have sent them to such schools 10-15 years back. They are being penalized for absolutely no fault of theirs. The new system stinks of political opportunism and on a deeper level of separatism. The MNS and Shiv Sena have pledged support for the new “S.S.C” cause. Look at the unity, Congress-Shiv Sena- MNS on one side! For SS and MNS it’s simple. Majority of their vote bank category students study in S.S.C boards. Also, at another level it’s an attack at the supposedly “richer” and more “privileged” people of Mumbai.

In India, I don’t understand why justice to some has to be injustice to another. And the justice is always with prospective effect. I saw a TV show during elections when young students of Tamil Nadu were questioning
Kanimozhi, daughter of DMK chief Karunanidhi why they supported OBC reservations. And she said, “We have to pay for the crimes of our ancestors.” I wanted to get inside the television and shake her up. Murder
kiya kisi aur ne, jail bhejo kisi aur ko.

I am very sure that we are in one of the worst governed states in the country. We are also in a state where the social fabric is in deep peril. I hope the Rahul Gandhis and the Milind Deoras of India wake up to this. Where there is no vote, there is no support. One day there will be a quota system for how many people and who all are allowed to order pizza, who can pee in the public toilets, who can use the local trains, who can visit juhu beach, who can watch what movie, etc.

The worst part of all this is that whenever you talk to any teacher, professor or principal about it they all agree with all that is wrong. But they have a characteristic and fixed helpless look on their face all the
time. They keep on telling you how it’s not in your control and you just move on in life. Move on, accept it, you are too insignificant.

The judiciary is the only hope really. I don’t see any reason why there cannot be a fairer system. Give me one reason why students of S.S.C deserve 90% reservation. I am sure there will be parents association who’ll go to court but by the time anything worthwhile comes out of it it’ll be too late. Thousands of students will develop deep resentment for the rest of their lives.

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Words by Ankit Doshi

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