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Quizzing farce 2

A quiz competition is normally associated with intelligence. But at NIFT, the rules were somewhat different, says an irate quizzard from Delhi.

On 7th November, the Department of Fashion & Management studies, NIFT Delhi, had organised a Business quiz as part of their annual festivities. The quiz, hosted by RJ Mantra, saw a huge participation. And that’s where the good part ends. The event didn’t smell of a rat, it smelt of a plague outbreak.

Delhi, home to B-Schools like IIFT, FMS, MDI amongst others, saw a dramatic quiz. The elims, which had 30 questions, were dominated by – hold your horses – a team of undergraduates from NSIT. And they didn’t just dominate, they scored a whopping 28.5 on 30. The next highest was a meagre 25.

But it was unbelievable that they had wrong answers matching with that of the Quiz Master. For instance, there was a question on the country of origin of Blaupunkt, the popular car stereo company (Blaupunkt is ‘blue spot’ in German, hence the answer is Germany). When the team said Holland, the QM agreed with them! This was later overturned, but didn’t leave much to imagination. It was also surprising that people in their 2nd and 3rd year of engineering know about Peter Drucker, Phillip Kotler and can even tell the 3 S’s of Sumantra Goshal’s Management fundas. This was match-fixing, forget the bookies, this was as live as ‘Live’ could ever get.

Quizzing is a hobby… a passion for most. And a true quizzard’s blood boils when it’s sold out for the lure of money and deceit of prizes. Rabi Shanker Saha, an avid biz quizzard and the finalist at many events like Tata Crucibleand BT Acumen was extremely angry. He even said that they (the organisers) could’ve given them (NSIT team) the prizes without conducting the finals.

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