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Q and A with the game developer of Vaththa

JAM talks to Dhananjayan Thekkiam and his team who developed an online word game Vaththa. The game gives good exercise to your mind plus increases your vocab!

Did you target any particular age group with this game?
Since the level of this game is highly alterable, all age group / user group can select their requirement from available parameters, for a comfort play zone, and play.
Since all games with Friends are time bound, friends amongst themselves can have a competitive game during their short travel to and from their school / college / work place etc., Offices / organizations can have a healthy competition amongst themselves playing as a group and independent competitions though this game can reach a new high.

What is the best feature of the game?
The best feature of this game is it’s “ALL” accessibility feature while playing with friends. When some key people are playing this game, the “ALL” accessibility feature enables this game to be viewed/ followed live, second by second, by anyone across the world.
Another awesome feature of this game is the “Option Alternatives”. This game as such is designed in a way that the game involves more than knowing the spelling of a word, such as sharpness of mind to pick letters from the available alternatives to change word formation every step of the game, look out for their friend’s word formation, time elapsing, etc. With the “Option Alternatives”, that shows the last letter each player has picked while playing with friends as the letter alternatives to be picked from, the whole game turns from a simple word game to a highly competitive time racing mind game

This game while playing with the machine is equally racing as you starts pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone.

With Machine, while the game is in progress and after the finish of a game before the start of another game, the history of the making of your word is also available on the same User Interface to analyze the game.

How is the response for the game?
For the first 4 days since its launch ( launched on 21st August 2012), www.vaththa.com has received close to 400000 hits from 22 different countries. Some Linkedin group members and friends find it very interesting and addictive. Some also have said that there could be more colour in the website, some find it difficult to understand the parameters and want a flash demo (currently being worked on) to understand the game better.

– Preeti Kulkarni

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