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Purana career, Naya take…

Audio Engineering
While you listen to your favorite album or the background score in a movie, you admire the vocal proficiency of the artist crooning or the music director who made the song. But do you ever think of the guy who actually puts it all together? It’s an Audio Engineer. If you have the soul of a musician, but the talent of a scientist, then Audio Engineering could be your calling.

One of the most promising careers of our times, it opens up opportunities in the field of live sound, dubbing, sound effects, background music, film sound mixing, composing, mastering, broadcast and advertising in India and abroad.

The subject decoded: Audio engineering is a branch of audio science. It is all about capturing sound, recording, copying, editing, mixing and reproducing sound using electronic and mechanical devices. It involves production as well as post-production tasks. While the production part may involve everything from set-up to the actual recording, the latter is where the recorded material gets polished or “morphed” into sound.

Eligibility and Training: To become an audio engineer, one has to undergo a degree or diploma course in audiography, sound recording, sound engineering or audio engineering. No specific educational qualification is required for training in this field. However, for a post graduate course in audio engineering one has to have a bachelor’s degree. Though not necessary, a basic knowledge in physics and mathematics will be an advantage for audio engineers, as they have to under go many calculations such as reverberations of the room, calculating the delay time etc. Those with a background in electrical engineering and fine arts can also pursue a career in this field.

Several colleges in India and abroad offer these courses.

After the course: You can start off as an assistant to a sound engineer and eventually proceed to pursue one of the following options:

Studio Engineer
Sound Recordist
Broadcast Engineer
Sound Editor:
Re- recording mixer
Dialogue editor
Music editor
Sound effects editor
Mastering Engineer
Location sound Engineer
Mix Engineer
Foley Recordist /Editor
Recording Engineer Sound Designer
Pro tools operator
Studio manager

Renumeration: The money is good in this field, but only once you prove your mettle. You may have to struggle initially (who doesn’t?) and start with small assignments. But once people get know your work, the opportunities will pour in. Most companies pay above Rs10,000 to their audio engineers. A recognised audio engineer can easily get a higher salary. He may get an average of $18,540 at the start of his career abroad.

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– Monali G.

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