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Purana career Naya take – Tattooing

Here’s a career which has no recognised course, yet it is much sought-after. Considered a taboo in the ancient times, today tattoos are a style statement and no body part has been pardoned the pain. JAM speaks to tattoo artist Ketan Saindane (25) to know what exactly it takes to take up this painstaking art.

Did you pursue any course to become a tattoo artist?
No. When I started off, there were no courses in tattoo art. I did my commercial art from L. S. Raheja in Bandra, which gave me a fair knowledge of the basics. After that I did my own research on the net and with trial-and-error technique. I now have my own tattoo studio at Mahim called Inkholics Tattoos.

Tell us about your early days.
I started working from home after college. It took me 2-3 years to understand everything. Eventually people came to know about my work through word-of-mouth and I started tp get clients.

What do you do besides tattooing?
I teach tattooing at my studio. I offer a one-month crash course where in shed light on each and every aspect of making a tattoo. I ensure that a student is in a position to make their own machine, so they become truly independent. I give personal attention to each student, so it is more like sharing knowledge on a friendly basis. I discuss the smallest of details that need to be kept in mind while tattooing, like the skin tone of a client. I have students from Indore and Bangalore, etc

How much does your course cost?
The course fees are Rs 1 lakh. Unfortunately, there are no certified courses in tattooing yet. It is a relatively new profession and the government has not recognised it.

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