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Pulse 2005

AIIMS, 16-22nd Sept
AIIMS annual All India Literary, Cultural and Sports fest Pulse got over on 22nd September, with a performance from Pentagram, the controversial and effervescent band from Bombay. The other bands that played included Messiah, Prestorika and Nakshatra.

Other events which really caught the eye (more ways than one), were the sports events. Again, rain played spoilsport, but when the heavens closed, soccer began. The field was a bit short, but then, Ronaldinho and Lampard weren’t exactly on it, so all was well. There was live music, live cheerleading from the girls and of course the pitch (if one calls it that) was uneven and all muddy, which resulted in a slow ball and some bone crunching tackles.

Sadly, not many people were allowed for the Euphoria concert since AIIMS has banned all the engineering and other colleges. Sadly, instead of endorsing the spirit of competition, AIIMS turned away many of the DU participants from singing/dancing. Why AIIMS bans some colleges from participating, is a question I can’t answer.

Kunal Malhotra

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