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Protest against CAT results continue

Students continued to protest against the CAT results. Following is a letter drafted by a student on his Facebook page. The Facebook page is

Hello All,

I am really very happy as I am writing this mail. This mail will not only answer your questions about the identity of people behind www.protestagainstcat2009.org but will also let you know in greater detail about what we have done so far and what is on cards, last but not the least, THAT WE ARE GOING AHEAD WITH A MOTION IN PUBLIC INTEREST AGAINST CAT 2009 IN THE SUPREME COURT WITH ONE OF THE BIGGEST LAW FIRMS IN INDIA. We just got a call from the firm and couldn’t wait to share the news, (and neither should we wait, as it is already late)

All these have been possible because of those who registered at www.protestagainstcat2009.org With those registrations and the research we had been doing for this long to make a case, we at least got the courage to take the first step of requesting “ABC” (name will be disclosed as soon as we get a date in the court, please bear with us for good) to take up our case and as should happen for innocence, we are going to the Supreme Court with them very very soon.

There are some things you all should know:
1. The concerned firm is in the top 10 list of India Law Firms continuously for past 10 years. I am attaching a list where you can see the name. One of our team mates has a relative working as a counsel in the firm. A BIG thanks to him and his relative for getting them.
2. We have an option of meeting tomorrow/day after tomorrow to discuss fully about the case before we go to court.
3. They will also be hiring an external senior counsel to increase the chances of a retest to maximum. (Just so that you know, a senior counsel is of the standards of Ram Jethmalani, Kapil Sibal. In tomorrow’s meeting, we’d know who we are taking)
3. As it has become very late, to get a fast trial, we need a group of around 150 people from different states so that our petition can be filed under urgency and public interest, else we’ll be directed to the High Court and things will become very slow there.
4. We need as many resources as possible so that the firm can make a strong case.
5. We have showed them support we have now, but more support will help us do many peripheral things which would help spread the news about injustice and its after effects.

Some things you can help with:
1. Please make a list of 150 people or more who will want to be a part of the petition. All should be distributed across various states in India so as to approach the Supreme Court for justice.
2. All those who are going to put their names as petitioners, please send us all the conversations you’ve had with IIMs. That can include:
a. Any mail to prometric/IIMs asking for answers to your querries.
b. Details of your telephonic conversations you’ve had with any executive.
c. Any replies from them.
3. Please make a draft of all your problems with CAT 2009 right from registrations, actual test, re-test and results.
4. Please mail all the proofs/support materials you have, which can help make a case. This can include snap shots of leaked questions etc.
5. If you want, you can start asking others to join so that we can concentrate fully on media, and the case instead of the site while the case is in the court.

By the way, who we are:
I am Rajshekhar Ratrey, B.Tech (Aerospace Engineering) IIT Bombay. There is a team of 4 with amazing skills behind the project and we had been working on many issues at the back-end since CAT 2009 fiasco happened. Now that we are almost done with our back-end work, we will need your support.

1. Please send a list with names, email ids, and domicile state of all the candidates who want to be a part of the petition.
2. Please mail all the conversations you’ve had with IIMs/Prometric with regard to CAT 2009 and their replies.
3. Whether you are a petitioner or not, please send ALL the problems related to CAT 2009.
4. Please send the proofs/support material, if any, related to CAT 2009 being an unfair test.

We are in Delhi on TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY. All Delhi/NCR folks can meet us then to discuss future plans.

Please send these asap to enquiry@protestagainstcat2009.org or raj_shekhar@iitb.ac.in (this might get filled up soon, so prefer the first id). We have an option of meeting tomorrow or day after tomorrow with the firm. So we need as many resources as possible till then, else we’ll only have to work again to get all the details. Please co-operate. For any queries, mail me.

Rajshekhar Ratrey
Senior Undergraduate
Aerospace Department
IIT Bombay

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