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Priety’s IPL Madness!

In a country like India, cricket is more of a religion than a sport
and cricketers are no less than demi-gods.  The other demi-gods who
seem to complement our cricketers are our Bollywood stars.

An extravaganza has brought Bollywood and cricket really close. The
extravaganza named ‘IPL’. IPL bought the stars and cricket even
closer; what with some of our Bollywood stars claiming a stake in
certain franchises. Shahrukh is synonymous with KKR, Shilpa with
Rajasthan Royals. But someone who stands out in that crowd is our very
own bubbly girl, Preity Zinta. Priety has been with Kings XI Punjab
through thick and thin. She has whole heartedly supported the team in
all the seasons so far. Her bubbly nature and infectious smile seem to
rub off positive energy on all the players.

She always seems to be in the zone, supporting her team irrespective
of whether they win or lose. She has been the face of the Punjab team
and is also responsible for adding glamour and glitz to the Punjab
outfit. The IPL has been a roller coaster ride for Punjab. They have
seen their ups and downs. It’s good to see that finally this year,
Punjab managed to reach the final of IPL. We can say that years and
years of persistence by Priety and her team has paid off this year. We
wish luck to Priety and her Punjab team for their future endeavours.

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