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Pravara Rural Engineering College, Loni

Even the most stupid gal has a bloated ego.

Every Local is a DON.

Fiddling with a local gal means next day you gonna hear “Teriko Teri Tabiyat Thik Rakhni Hai Na?”

Any local dude meeting a gal for the 1st time tells others, “Nahi yaar woh aisi nahi hai.. uska nature bahut accha hai”

You never know when the Ganesh festival starts and when it ends.

The only place to romance is Lontek/Ganeshji mandir.

Load shedding is for more than 12 hrs.

You have to manage the entire day with half a bucket of water in summer.

Even the dog doesn’t eat the Lakeview Boys Hostel Mess chappati thrown at him.

You have to carry I-cards even in the toilets.

For annual social gatherings, even the Zhaduwalis and Kaamwali Baais are better dressed and made up than the Vidhyarthinis of our college.

Your work becomes easier when you refer to the Peon as ‘Sir’.

ACs are switched off in summer to save electricity bills.

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