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Politics in the office.

Politics has a peculiar way of dealing with the world. It will either raise one person from rags to riches or bury the other six feet deep under the rags. Growing up I always had a notion that Politics is constrained only to the countries governance, but I was wrong. It is a part and parcel of our lives from our school days contesting for the position of school president and captain. We would be bribed by the school president candidates by chocolates or an arrangement that he/she would get us out of trouble. All these reasons amass to a worthy candidate losing to the nefarious candidate.

What freshers like us are unaware of is that this theory also applies in our work place. It all starts with the puppeteer who controls all the strings involved, The Alpha male, The Boss man. He is the game maker and also the game breaker for all the politics that takes place in the work place, but that’s what he has to do to keep a tab on all his employees. If he doesn’t know what is going on in his office then he can’t run the company. After that the key players are his informants or as I like to call them butter brushes of the Boss man who are spread out at all the levels of the company. You can never know which one of your colleague is the snitch. Once I was working in my company’s workshop and a friend came to visit me asking for my help for certain equipment which I lent him for a day or two. Fifteen minutes later I got a buzz on my intercom from the Boss man asking me to visit his office. On meeting him he directly warned me not to lend any company equipment to a friend or family member or I’ll be fined the next time I do so and he also told me to get back the equipment asap. Now the deal was all the guys in the work shop were good friends but there was a snitch amongst them. I decide to confront each one of them personally and to my surprise everyone took the other’s name!!!

Some people in the office are not that great at work and they will sit the whole day bitching about how the others don’t work properly and spread wrong rumours about you so that it reaches the ears of your superiors and you get screwed up for no apparent fault of your own.

The worst politics is always played during the time when a promotion slot opens up. People will go to lengths just to push you down even though they are not eligible for the post, they will only support the person of their own caste or their friends, which is not wrong if he/she is equally competent, but the case is always the otherwise. In my company when a senior had resigned I was confident enough that I would be considered for the post. I was kept being told that when the post opens up we will inform you to submit your documents and one fine day the Boss man turns up and announces the selection of a colleague, who I considered really close to me and helped cover up his goof ups all the time, as the senior. It was the heights of deception I could face.

At our work places there always will be a war for the best appraisals which in theory is very healthy for getting the maximum throughput from an employee, but the harsh reality is that things don’t turn out the way we want them to always and that kills our hopes of improving our career and then the work feels irrelevant, job feels shitty and we start searching for a switch hence effecting our performance at work. It feels as though your career has entered a hope sucking vortex, but by time I realized that this notion is wrong. I realized that any sort of work we do has its own significance and somewhere down the line it does count. Now you must be wondering how? Well I realized that when we are working we come in contact with many people of our own frequency and they do take notice your work.

How much ever the going gets tough or how much ever you feel shitty about your job, you should always stay true to your work and do your duty with utmost commitment. I don’t say that don’t search for a switch, but don’t let your mental situation affect your job because your honesty to your work will reflect in your career. May be fate is not in your favour as of now, but when the tides turn your performance will the epitome of your success.

So, how much ever the tough gets going, stay true to your work and one day, some day it shall pay off.

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