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Politics decoded

India is a land of diverse cultures, unity in diversity we call it. As fascinating it is on an artistic and heritage level, it is equally contagious when it comes down to a political scenario. As far as I can see the political mayhem in India can never be resolved under all the candidatures for governance of India.
As of today our country’s political scenario is at the epicenter of a ferocious whirling tornado of incompetent politicians. While certain section of the population have been blinded by people dawning a Nehru cap that has “main aam Aadmi hu” imprinted on it having a Communitarian philosophy vast majority of the people have left the “weak hand “ and enchant the name of a person who is more or less is trying to effectively establish what the political scientists Friedrich and Brzezinski called a totalitarian dictatorship. The whole country is in an economical chaos and a political mayhem.
Each party does have their pros and cons but what I really don’t understand is the criterion on which the political candidates are selected to contest for the elections. Who am I supposed to vote for that can save our mother land falling prey to these text book political philosophies. It is surely the right time for a change a revolution in our country but I believe with the not so right candidates.
As far as my little understanding of running the country goes, I truly believe it’s a task of managing the people of the nation, so why aren’t there any pre-requisites to the election candidates? Hell there is a screening exam for any institute u join as a student and even in firms if u join as an employee, so why isn’t it the same when it comes to managing the various affairs of our country. Why are we subjected to select between two candidates who have no idea about how to manage the area he represents? Why can’t there be a written test and interviews and qualificational pre-requisites while designating responsibilities to the politicians? If companies like Reliance , Tata, Coca Cola etc select their candidates solely their credentials exposure and experience to reap benefits why can’t a country do the same ? They cannot hire a person with Engineering background into finance and vice-versa, at the same time you cannot hire a fresher to be the general manger of a company or even a Senior staff. Why is it so hard for us to understand such a simple thing?
I firmly believe that the day our people are governed by the right candidates with proper pre-requisites and screening our country will have a chance to stand amongst the super powers of the world. It is a far-fetched dream, but it is not impossible. Till then cast your votes wisely.

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