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Politicians and their marketing techniques

Three phases of the greatest extravaganza India has ever witnessed have finished. Several more remain. However the Indian populace has been hounded by not only the weird “No Ulu Banooing”, “Old Spice” ads but also election related ones. This is perhaps the first time advertising has been used on such a massive scale for promoting ideologies, or rather, incompetent candidates.

March onwards the only things that constantly has been appearing on television sets, besides the saas bahu serials, are advertisements of either RaGa or NaMo . While commuting most of us have had to see the billboards that star both the probable prime ministerial candidates and local leaders. In Bangalore the posters of Jayalalitaa’s yesteryear hit film were put up, some individuals belonging to the unorganized sector discussed her and were quite surprised to see the poster themselves. In Tamil Nadu’s film centers it was anticipated that the film would ring the registers. But alas, it did not happen. The re- release of the film was exempted from the EC code of violations.

The television and print ads were a novelty at first but now they just irritate a lot of people. This phenomenon in Psychology is referred to as negative adaptation; basically it refers to a stimulus that is constantly present which loses its desired impact on the receiver over time.  Most of us have become indifferent towards them. The thing that really concerns me is that a lot of the revenues are lost for marketing and PR purposes, which the citizens would have benefitted from it if utilized for improving their welfare and truly serving the nation. Another aspect is that of the paid media that projects a certain image of a party for their own means. Lobbying by media houses needs to stop.


I certainly hope the ads highlighting the so called “success” of parties do not influence the voters’ decisions. Please make informed decisions while voting, spend 15 minutes to scrutinize the work of your constituency candidates. Information is easily available on the internet and it is better to vote for an individual at the local level rather than a party. Please go out and vote it is your right and duty, if individuals in naxal hit areas can vote so can you!

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