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Policegiri is a super cop genre of movies.  Apna Munnbhai is bigger than Chulbul Pandey, Singham and Rowdy Rathore put together!

Alas it looks like Munnabhai lost it.  The movie without Sanjay’s promos is making a bit of whimper outside. But once you’re inside the theatre, the noise level certainly compensates for the silence outside. The actors make their point by shouting at the top of their voices (like they do in Tamil Telugu films on ZEE) , the action sequences and sound effects are mind numbing. Policegiri is probably not for the sophisticated English speaking audience. Police giri’s for front row chillar throwing paisa vasool crowd.  Question is will it go to the 2nd week.

Policegiri is from the  super cop genre. Deputy Commissioner swings a punch and the bodies fly. Cars go crashing into obstructions, henchmen and baddies are sacrificed, There is a bit of an overdose of action, other wise it is a good cops and robbers movie . The absurdity of every thing is summarised by the music loving gangster villain. He reminds you of those jerks who play loud music in their car and drive left right on the road going on a rampage.

Police giri is an open challenge to Singham, Dabangg and Rowdy Rathore. You guys can make more absurd versions, of your super cop movies. Jab tak apun ka Munnbhai andar hai. Once he comes out of jail he will do version Policegiri 2 – don’t write him off yet.

Prachi Desai the Police girl pretends that she isn’t there in the movie.  Looks like a guest appearance.


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