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Placements at Bajaj rock!

Press Release

Final Placements at JBIMS 2006
40 and still going strong! If placements are any indication of an institute’s recognition and success in the corporate world, then one doesn’t need a bigger evidence of the supremacy of Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, which has had 4 decades of an impressive track record of translating dreams into destiny. Placements at Bajaj this year have once again reaffirmed the faith that its widespread alumni and the industry have in the institute’s capability to churn out superior intellectual capital.

The highest salary offered on campus was 14 + Lacs p.a., which is a huge jump from the highest salary of 9.35 lacs p.a. offered last year.

The average salary was 8.17 lacs p.a., again a whopping increase compared to the average of 7.04 lacs p.a. last year. The median salary was 8.25 lacs p.a.

Here’s a snapshot of Final Placements for the Batch of 2006:
 – Mc Kinsey & Co. recruited 2 students
 – Sandstone Capital, a Hedge Fund made 1 offer
 – Millionaire’s Club – More than 10% of the batch will start off with a 7 figure salary
 – Banking and Financial Institutions alone recruited 37 % of the batch, with 51% of the Finance batch getting their dream profiles in this sector
 – Sunrise sectors like Aviation, Insurance and Media saw significant representation on campus
 – Intel Corporation, Dupont, IDFC, Bristlecone, Adventity, ING Vysya Bank, Hindustan Times, were first time recruiters at Bajaj
 – ICICI Bank emerged as the biggest recruiter making 10 offers in all
 – Standard Chartered Bank made 7 offers including 2 PPOs
 – 12% of the batch had already secured Pre Placements Offers and hence were not available for the companies
 – Students showed preference for profiles over salary, a trend prevalent last year as well
 – 7 students got lateral placements from companies like Intel
 – Corporation, Johnson & Johnson Medical, IBM Consulting, Godrej Industries and Infosys Technologies, among others.

Here’s the story sector wise:

Consulting returned with a bang with Mc Kinsey & Co. recruiting 2 students. The sector saw a rise in the percentage intake with 10 students getting into the crème-de-la-crème of consulting companies.

 – Mc Kinsey & Co, the world’s largest consultancy firm recruited 2 students
 – Accenture Management Consulting made 3 offers while Tata Strategic Management Group and Bristlecone Consulting made 1 offer each
 – IBM recruited 3 students for its Business Consulting Services practice

Banking & Financial Institutions
Bajaj is traditionally known to be the hunting ground for top notch banking and financial services stalwarts. Banking and Financial Institutions continue to be the biggest recruiters, in congruence with the students’ preferences recruiting 37% of the batch of 2006.

 – Sandstone Capital with its lone offer marked the entry of Hedge Funds at Bajaj.
 – ICICI Bank made a total of 10 offers
 – Standard Chartered Bank made a total of 7 offers, including 2 PPOs.
 – The unassailable bond which Bajaj has with Citibank was further consolidated with the latter extending 2 PPOs and making 2 final offers on campus for its coveted ‘Management Associate” Program
 – HSBC bank which returned to campus after a year, made a total of 3 offers
 – IDFC made its debut on campus and made 2 offers for niche profiles
 – ING Vysya Bank visited campus for the first time and made 1 offer
 – UTI Bank recruited 5 students
 – ICICI Lombard, ICICI Prudential turned out to be big recruiters on campus

Other regular recruiters included State Bank of India, Kotak Mahindra Bank among many others.

The FMCG sector was well represented by regulars like HLL, ITC, Colgate Palmolive, Britannia, Dabur, Godrej among many others.

 – HLL recruited 1 student for its Business Leadership Training Program
 – Coca Cola made 1 Pre Placement Offer
 – ITC made 2 offers to the Marketing Batch
 – Colgate Palmolive made 1 offer
 – Britannia made 1 offer in Sales & Marketing
 – Dabur, the fastest growing FMCG recruited 2 students
 – Perfetti returned to campus after a considerable gap and recruited 1 student

HP, Intel Corporation, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, MBT, Patni name the company in the sector and it was there.

Others included sunrise sectors like Pharma, Aviation, Media and companies like Titan, Dupont.

 – Dr. Reddy’s made a Pre Placement Offer to the only doctor in the batch
 – Johnson & Johnson Medical made a lateral offer
 – Air India recruited 2 students from Bajaj offering 12.35 Lacs p.a.
 – Hindustan Times recruited 2 students to fuel its future growth in new businesses.
 – Dupont in its first visit to campus made 1 offer

Placement Statistics:
No. of companies who registered for the process: 117
No. of companies who got to recruit students: 58
No of students to be placed: 122
No of offers made: 247
Offer per student: 2.02
No of PPOs: 15
Percentage of the batch which got placed 100%
Highest Salary: 14 + Lacs p.a.
Average Salary: 8.17 Lacs p.a.
Median Salary: 8.25 Lacs p.a.

Sector Avg Sal* Highest Salary*
Consulting 10.25 14.00 +
Banking & FIs 8.25 10.00
FMCGs 8.00 9.63
IT 7.20 9.10
BPO/ KPO 8.45 9.00
Telecom 8.10 8.25
Others 7.89 12.35
*All Salary figures above in Lacs per annum
Trends in placements:
 – The average salary offered to girls was 9.5 lacs p.a. whereas the guys in the batch managed to get an average salary of 8 lacs p.a., with 14 girls in a 122 strong batch
 – More than 45 companies had to return empty handed as there were no students left

Says Gurpreet Sethi, 23, who got placed with Mc Kinsey & Co., “Consulting was my preferred career choice because of the tremendous exposure that one can get. Mc Kinsey & Co. was my dream company as I believe it’s a place that truly respects people. I am really looking forward to beginning my career with this company.”

According to Soumitra Sarkar, member of the Placement Committee, “Placements 2006 was a testimony to the faith that both, erstwhile and new recruiters reposed in the talent pool of JBIMS for students’ intellectual capabilities, interpersonal skills, and individual brilliance that saw these students getting their dream job profiles. The number of new recruiters on campus exemplifies the status of JBIMS as the preferred hunting ground for tomorrow’s corporate leaders across diverse sectors.

“Adds Prasad Menon, also a member of the Placement Committee, “An interesting trend which emerged in this year’s placement season was the thorough disdain shown by the students for the ‘lure of the lucre’ and a marked preference for work profile, responsibilities given and growth opportunities.”

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