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Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune

U know U R in P.C.C.O.E. (Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering), Pune when:

-You have never heard about it before.

-You did not get admission anywhere else.

-The college building is mistaken for the Cartoon Network headquarters (name a colour and its on the building).

-A date means sitting in the college canteen to have a vada pav.

-So called hep guys wear “Nyke” and “Reibok” shoes expecting others to believe that their dads who work abroad have got them.

-English speaking guys are mistaken for foreigners or NRIs (I’m serious).

-You hear profs say stuff like “Don’t make shouting!!” , “Don’t noise!!” , “I am a Cheap (Chip) Engineer!!”.

-Profs tell you that you are not worthy of standing anywhere near them or “stepping on their shadow”.

-The COBOL prof knows everything except COBOL.

-Profs call you by your roll number.

-Disturbing the princi is a cardinal sin. He once started beating his head and said “Haaga Haaga” (asking a guy to shit on his head).

-The college office is much smaller than the loo.

-Practicals are not conducted because of lack of wires.

-The college fest resembles the roadside Ganpati celebrations.

-The name of the college fest changes every year.

-Mr. Fresher looks like the college peon and Ms. Fresher looks like your kamwali bai.

-Ms. Fresher starts weeping when announced Ms. Fresher, as if she has been crowned Ms. Universe.

-You have to pay a fine of Rs 250 for every subject you fail in.

-When nobody pays the fine, the college reduces it to Rs 25 per subject thereby following their favourite policy “Something is better than nothing”.

-You have to pay a fine of Rs 100 per day if you don’t attend the first week of college.

-The construction work of the new building seems to suddenly speed up once the college has collected the fine.

-Falling of cement, water, etc. on one’s head during the lecture is absolutely normal.

-The college website has a students and a parents section which has been under construction for the last two years.

-The college website boasts of incredible facilities which no student is aware of.

-Frustrated people like me write such articles to magazines like JAM.

– a PCCOEite.

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