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Pillai’s Institute of Information Technology

You give up your city life and travel all the way to Panvel gaon for college

You are greeted with cows and cow dung as soon as step out of the station

You fight with the arrogant rickshawalla’s on your way to and back from college.

Monkeys visit the college regularly and flick your dabbas (one of them is learning C++ I hear)

The promised Pizza Hut and Domino’s when you joined the college never came up and you are stuck with thambi serving cold, super-oily batata vadas

You see stray animals frolicking in the canteen

The watchman religiously asks you to put your ID on even though he sees you every single day

The professors are competing with each other for the ‘Who Tortures Students the Most’ award.

When Backstreet Boys is more popular than Metallica

When you go to the computer labs to chill (that’s the only place with AC’s)

– Monali

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