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Photography: Turn your passion into a profession

Having a creatively visual knack to capture amazing moments through the camera lens maybe considered a cherished hobby for some. Considering turning photography into a full-blown professional career is not a bad thought. Photography is one of the most sought-after professions be it photojournalism, fashion, commercial, travel, wildlife or even nature. If photography gets your creative juices flowing and to top it off getting paid handsomely for doing something you love then photography definitely ticks all the right boxes as a great career option. HereÔÇÖs a look at some photography courses to help hone your skills and give you a professional edge.

1. Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai



This well-known and reputed institute offers a thorough degree course in visual communication wherein you can specialize in photography. The instituteÔÇÖs in-depth four year Bachelor Degree Course in Fine Arts definitely tops the list and it would be apt for developing one’s skills as a solid professional photographer.

For more details about their Degree course do check their website


 2. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad



Considered as IndiaÔÇÖs premiere design institutes the National Institute of Design offers a comprehensive course in Photography. NID offers a skilful and meticulous Post-Graduate Diploma Programme in Photography Design. This photography course is a perfect amalgamation of design, art and technology that would be beneficial when developing oneÔÇÖs skills-set for varied fields of photography. Be it news, documentary, fashion or advertising to name a few. For serious photography enthusiasts NIDÔÇÖs Photography Design course is definitely worth it once you crack the tough selection process.

Check out NIDÔÇÖs website for more details about their popular course in Photography Design


3. A.J. Kidwai MCRC, Delhi



A.J. Kidwai Mass Communication Research Centre a media institution affiliated to the Jamia Millia Ismalia University, Delhi offers a one year Post-Graduate Diploma in Still Photography and Visual Communication. The course is an excellent blend of theoretical and practical sessions wherein students get well-versed in varied specializations like photojournalism, industrial photography, advertising, documentary, lifestyle, research based photography and even science.

Do check out AJK Mass Communication Research CentreÔÇÖs website for more details about the course


4. Light and Life Academy, Ooty



The Light and Life Academy based in Ooty offers an engaging theoretical and hands-on Post-Graduate Diploma in Professional Photography under aegis of IndiaÔÇÖs noted advertising and automobile photographer Iqbal Mohamed. Aspiring photographers definitely get the know-how about the nuances of the art and science of photography through the in-depth course.

Do check out Light and Life AcademyÔÇÖs website for more details about the course


 5. Udaan School of Photography, Mumbai


A fairly recent entrant in the array of photography schools, Udaan with its top notch faculty consisting of award-winning photographers like renowned photojournalist Arko Datta(Pulitzer Prize Nominee-2005) offers some great intensive courses. Udaan offers advanced one year diplomas specialising in photojournalism and commercial photography. The school offers short-term courses like basic and foundation level as well.

For more details about UdaanÔÇÖs photography courses do check out their website


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