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PG Girls – Oh the freedom to stay out late!

Everybody says ‘home sweet home’. I agree too. But home at times is not so sweet when you are surrounded with restrictions. In our society, especially girls are bound to follow rules (luckily not the case with me). On the other hand boys are ‘aankhon ka taara’. They are not so bonded with restrictions but that doesn’t mean they can do anything they want. Therefore, girls and boys go OOH (Out of Home) to either PG or Hostel. The reason behind girl goes out is to become independent and have a life with no great restrictions whereas boys want to become ‘khulla saand’.

Day scholars are not so lucky to have fun the way hostelites or PG people do because of obvious reasons that they have to go to their home (where parents also stay) and answer them for so and so things they do (coming late, fights resulting in bad face, etc). But when you are in hostel or PG, you have nobody to question you. Being away from parents gives you wings.
But do hostels really come with no restrictions? Neah! For Guys? Ok, somewhat. For Girls? Hell, No!

PG vs Hostel
My example (I guess I have experienced a lot in short span of time) of university hostel was really bad. Our in-time was 6 pm. Can you imagine? 6 pm? And to top it up we had classes till 3:30 which used to extend almost daily. And not to forget our campus was in out skirts of the city. So basically you cannot go out on week days and plus on weekends too you have to return before 6 for the ‘attendance’. Arghhhh!!

If you want to be out late you have to produce a fax from your parents stating the reason and asking permission till whatever time and not being late than that. And once you are back, you need to visit the warden. This is also the case for going out for vacations or anything. WOW!

Guys on the other hand did not have c nor did they have any in-time. Lucky dogs!

But we Indians have spent our life listening to ‘kahavat’ all time. So one such kahavat we always follow is that ‘jab ghee seedhi ungli se nahi nikalti to ungli tedhi karo’. We always knew how to fool the warden. We produced fake fax which were usually sent by our boyfriends disguised as our uncle from the same city.

Girls from hostels are innovative than those staying in PG or at home. They need to think of creative ideas and lies to present and a different one every time. But in PG you need not fake, you can be on your own.

If you want to have a complete no restrictions life, then it is PG for you; no parents, no wardens, just friends and masti.
A PG comes with a package of live-your-life-as-you-want tagline. But every good thing also has some bad point to it. For example, if your landlord stays with you in another room, or stays above or below your room then you don’t actually have complete privacy. The landlord at times acts like your warden. The other negative thing about PG is that, you usually have to cook for yourself (get your groceries, and after all is done clean your plates… boring and teaches you how to live). Then you also have to pay the electricity bill which you don’t if you stay in hostel. And then it’s upto you whether you wanna keep a maid or do everything else on your own (basically run a home with your friends).

But firstly it is important to choose a PG. You have to visit so many of them and compare their prices. It is better to get things clear before you shift because there are some landlords who hide some expenses and then charge you after shifting.
Let me tell you where and how I lived in Chennai. After getting completely fucked up in university hostel and private hostels I understood that it is PG for me. I was in Chennai back then when I chose to stay in a 4-bedroom apartment (like serviced apartment). It was basically a 3BHK but a pass way was also created as another small bedroom. It was huge man. And beautiful! It had everything you would ever want and was reasonable. It was a duplex and I was offered to stay with 9 other girls in the ground floor. It was so huge that it did not feel suffocated (I had 2 roomies). All the rooms, except the living room and kitchen, were air-conditioned, the PG had wi-fi, water heaters in all bathrooms (attached), tv with tata sky (life bana diya jhingalala), dining table, sofa, deewan, proper wooden beds with mattresses, utensils in kitchen, a cook cum maid, and at the heart of the city in Nungambakkam. This package came for only Rs 4,500 (wi-fi – Rs 50 extra and no electricity bill) per month. Isn’t that super cool? I was first hesitant to shift there and thought ‘daal mein kuch kala hai’ but then took the best decision of my life so far by shifting. It was the most awesome year of my student life.

Live -ins!!:
There’s a new trend coming up these days that’s ‘live-in relationships’. Girls and boys have started moving in with their partners. Earlier this was the case only with those who are employed but now even students are following this trend. Not necessarily all those relationships last beyond college. Live-in also comes with sexual activities between the pair.
I have come across these kinda live-in pairs. One such pair was in Kolkata (both students). They were the lovey-dovey characters of a movie (they could never get their hands off each other). They used to stay in PG first and then shifted to a small room flat in not more than 6-months of knowing each other. And as I had mentioned earlier, this pair did not last after college.

The second pair I came across was from Chennai (the guy was employed and senior of the girl who was a student). Their story was really sweet and short. They met in college – guy passed out – earned and asked his gf to shift with him – she agreed – they stayed together for a couple of years – and then married (each other :P).

Girls are truly no more the ‘gharelu’ types. They are making the best possible use of being away from parents in a positive way. Having no restrictions doesn’t always turn bad. It is actually good to understand where you stand on your morals, to help you build on your own, and of course to understand the world. Those who misuse their freedom can do that anyway but those who are good, they need to have some space and exposure to recognise themselves and their talent.
We are growing, we are open-mind, we are free and independent. We are Girls.


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