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Pet Peeves

In this brand, spanking and vicious new section, we deal with pet peeves. No, this is not the space to vent your frustration at Billu, your cat who, for the fourth time today, relieved himself on your new basketball trainers. This is the space where you can talk about things that bug you, in a funny, non-offensive, totally platonic way. Or not. Send in your pet peeves to edit@jammag.com and we might just publish them here!

– The watchman at the entrance who won’t let you in if you’ve forgotten your ID, even though you’ve just shown him your library card, gym card, lab book, and you’re even wearing your college jersey.

– The same watchman who’ll let the girl in the skirt go by, even though she doesn’t have an ID and just walked across from the college down the street.

– Climbing five floors for the lecture on the terrace only to find that it got cancelled two minutes ago because of the rain.

– Guys who spend 15 minutes wetting, drying and combing their hair in front of the only mirror in the boys loo.

– Chicks who can’t talk about anything other than who’s seeing whom, Ugly Betty and make-up.

– The “fresh” popcorn at the canteen, which has been lying in the machine for the last week and a half.

– Professors who scratch their crotches with chalked hands, leaving a big white spot on the one part of their clothing you don’t want to be staring at.

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