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Pawn Stars an awesome infotainment show

Online selling sites keep you occupied and entertained. Then how about a ridiculously amazing reality television series that deals with pawning and selling. If you haven’t caught up with this highest rated American reality series playing on the History Channel you are sorely missing out on a dope show called the Pawn Stars.

Pawn Stars is a great answer to a funny, entertaining and informative reality show. This show definitely breaks the myth surrounding reality television shows being too over the top. The reality show follows the daily happenings of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop based out it Las Vegas, Nevada.

The show features the shop staff’s hilarious, inquisitive, cheeky interactions with customers who bring in variety of stuff either to sell or pawn. The haggling over prices keeps you entertained. Pawn Stars also manages to enlighten the viewer with the discussions regarding the historical background and market value of the items between the staff and their team of experts with the potential customer.

The cast of Pawn Stars takes this shown up a notch. The patriarch of the family owned business Richard “Old Man” Harrison is tough nut that can’t be easily cracked. He runs the shop with his son Rick Harrison who’s tough cookie but a risk taker too. He isn’t a scrooge like his dad. Rick’s son Corey “Big Hoss” Harrison and the joker of the pack Corey’s childhood friend Chumlee provide the wisecracks that make the show a rib tickler too. Chumlee’s witty commentary and his camaraderie with the rest of the cast definitely provide some laugh out loud moments you can’t ignore.

The show manages to provide new content with every episode and keeps you hooked with the eye popping, jaw-dropping values and prices that certain items are worth. The show features vintage cars, celebrity memorabilia, antiques, bizarre items, rare artifacts and any other interesting item. Pawn Stars a reality series with its unique and exceptional concept makes it an irresistible show that can’t be missed.

All reality shows don’t suck and Pawn Stars definitely is in a league of its own. Sit back and enjoy the show in India every night Mon-Fri at 10 pm on the History channel.

Rating 4/5

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