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Paranthe Waali Galli – A Little Hype. A lot of Cholesterol.

Sidin Vadukut goes exploring in the mysterious and highly aromatic lanes of Paranthe Waali Galli in Delhi. Burrrrrp!

After my most recent trip to the capital I must admit that I am beginning to develop a thing for the street food there. Not just the prices, which are cheaper compared to Aamchi Mumbai, but the sheer variety and, how do I put it, rustic quality of it all.

After three previous jaunts to the capital I was yet to partake of the legendary experience of the famed Paranthe-waali galli. So this time, when I had a day at hand, I decided to drop in to see what the brouhaha was all about.

It is, actually, a galli. If you didn’t know where it was there is no way you’re finding this gem of the Delhi food scene. Through a non-descript little alley in Chandi Chowk market one must jostle his way through cycles and dogs and the general bustle of an old-fashioned market to make your way into PWG.

One of the problems with PWG is that there is really no one highlight place to eat. Even if you ask around no one has a place to recommend. So you pretty much try to figure out the best joint by the crowds thronging there.

I walked into Ramu’s restaurant (First place on the left after the first left. I think.) and cautiously ordered an aloo and a mooli. And a side of fresh dahi. They serve you the paranthas in a thaali with two chutnies and three sabjis. Two of aloo and one of Seethaphal. How exotic! How ready to clog arteries!

A word which sums up the experience overall is YUMMY. The paranthas were much lighter than I expected even if they were freshly deep fried on my order. They did the regular varieties (aloo, mooli, gobi, paneer) well but they excelled with some of the more exotic types. The pudina parantha was excellent and I continue to have wet dreams about the wonderfully weird mutter paranthas.

Overall the experience was well worth the effort. Though the paranthas are not the spectacular gifts from the gods that some people make it out to be. But if you don’t care for your cholesterol
levels then I highly recommend at least one visit to this Delhi institution.

A lavish meal for two with generous dahi and a couple of bottles of bisleri will not cost more than
150-180 bucks.

Directions: Take the metro to Chandi Chowk Station, get out on the Chowk side. Ask people the shortcut to the Gurudwara. Once you are there ask someone.

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