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Omi Vaidya at Har Choti Khushi Ka Celebration

McDonalds recently came together with the kids of Nareshwadi, an NGO that works towards the control of malnutrition in kids to celebrate ‘Har Choti Khushi Ka Celebration’ on the 3rd of March at St Andrews Auditorium in Bandra. This event was gracefully hosted by Rj Tarana who interviewed Ronald McDonald the chief happiness officer and the Chamatkar man Omi Vaidya.

The evening opened with a beautiful diya performance which was held by the girls from Nareshwadi. Post this, the audiences were informed that the kids at the Nareshwadi not only stay there but also grow their own food, which was quite surprising. As the event unfolded further, the viewers got to witness various kinds of performances by the kids of this NGO such as the bamboo dance, the tribal dance and so on.

After this Ronald entertained the crowd with some of his magic tricks which were very predictable. But the true show stopper of this event clearly was Omi Vaidya who played the role of Chatur in Three Idiots. His expertise at the Hindi language totally got the crowd in splits. Omi then went on to explained how his 10 year struggle finally ended with Three Idiots.
Rj Tarana, as always, did a great job pepping the spectators. The event ended with Ronald Mc’Donald crowning Omi Vaidya the happiness crown. In short, this show did make everyone happy then be it the kids from the NGO or the guests.

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