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The High Lounge opened on 16th of January at the Sahara Star hotel in Mumbai. Which hotel? Well it’s the hotel that is constantly under renovation. The one that resembles an uninhabited haunted structure on your way to the domestic airport.

But don’t worry that’s just because it will take sometime (one more year) to make it look as awesome from outside as it is from inside. The hotel looks fabulous. It’s huge and is one of the world’s highest dome structures without a pillar. During the day, you can see the sky from that dome. The architect has surely tripped on the money that must’ve been spent.

So when they have spent that kinda money, they expect people who visit their hotel to pay for it.

Getting back to the High Lounge, there is no cover charge… nope none at all. Yahoooooo! Wait and hold your breath this time, the only money you have to pay to enter is for the table you have to book. And that costs (pani laao) Rs.30-75,000. They have been kind enough to include food and beverage worth that much in that cost.

So how will you ever go there. Simple book the cheapest table and take 15 friends. You might not get the best table but hey you’d have been to THE HIGH LOUNGE.

Is it worth it? Yes, once, for the ‘I like a lavish night at times’. Otherwise, the lounge pretty much reminds you of White at Lower Parel or Fluid in Noida. Everything’s very stark white and it feels just right with the house and retro electro music. I thought it sounded exactly like the music at White but the DJ insisted it was happier than White. Well two drinks down, everyone’s happy until of course you’re A.K. Hangal.

Overall, the place is meant for the rich guys out there who were there at the launch too. I have nothing against them but someone please tell them that they look hideous and God made water to take a bath and not perfume. I want to ‘halla bol’ against the fashion atrocities they commit. I hope I inspired them to dress and smell better next time.


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