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Office Office

Star One Friday 8.30 pm

The king of satirical Indian comedies is back. Office Office, a comedy show that made us laugh hysterically, is back with a new series, Naya Office Office. The jokes of a show that had a fabulous cast, a phenomenal script that took excerpts of our daily lives and office-related problems, never grew old.

Naya Office Office retains the old concept but with a more contemporary take. A Friday night episode saw the cast unraveling the case of an underworld criminal, Pappi Bhai – a woman! Mussadilal (Pankaj Kapoor) is a naai (barber) who gets caught in this mess as he had done Pappi Bhai’s child’s mundan. Mr. Patel, the Head Commissioner, played by Vrijesh Hirjee tries his best to get Mussadilal to confess that he has “najdiki sambhandh” with the underworld don.

So Mussadilal cooks up a story about Pappi Bhai being in love with him. He reads out sappy (but hilarious) love letters. Everyone at the police station begins treating him like a king; they are afraid they too will be shot dead if they hurt Mussadilal! The episode makes the point that you are safer when you admit that you HAVE contacts with the underworld, rather than being completely honest. Pankaj Kapoor as Mussadilal and Asawari Joshi as Mrs Usha, the only woman on the show (who does all her housework at office!), are the real stars of the series.

– Bhairavi Jhaveri

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